Living Out Loud but Suffering in Silence

My grandma used to tell me to share the good with everyone but only share the bad with God. This is wisdom. I tend to live out loud- every personality test has me as extraverted as you can get. I process out loud. I reason out loud. I debate out loud on the spot. I worship out loud. But I tend to suffer in silence. This is why I blog. I can convey things I cannot convey out loud. But today, I realized I have not obeyed the second half of my grandma’s wisdom. Share the bad only with God. I need to work on that and work mostly on sharing it with God right away. I carry it too long, some wretched ego still at play. I lay it now at my Father God’s feet. I ask Him to lighten my load and murkiness and dance with me. I rested in Him today and I praise Him and thank Him for reminding me of grandma’s words and His capability and faithfulness to carry my burdens and hear my voice of sorrow and replace it with joy and peace. I am very thankful!😃❤️


Some gifts from God of wisdom involve speaking a certain truth at just the right time for the right reasons. Other gifts of wisdom from God involve silence at the right time for the right reason. And the highest level of wisdom gift from God involves knowing which to do when. All wisdom has God involved. And He is free to give these precious gifts to whomever humbly asks Him.

It is not a lost cause if wisdom has been elusive for anyone, just reveals a prideful heart. One humble prayer prayed in faith of God’s answer separates the unwise from the wise.❤

Not Born a Genius

I have never been a genius, but I have always been intelligent. I have not always been wise, but I have always been intelligent. I have not always applied my intelligence. God gave me a good mind, a quick one, one that reasons well and thinks fast, witty. But that speed of thought and high IQ never served me when I was thinking in my heart selfishly. When I was proud and self-serving, my intelligence was not able to be applied to the people around me. It was strong enough to carry me well but not strong enough to make a difference to others. Intelligence only becomes wisdom with God’s help and with humility and love or God and love of others. Then wisdom happens. It is always a reward from God and always an answer to a humble prayer. Then, with God and the right heart, intelligence converts into wisdom and even genius. ❤

Silence in Proportion to Necessity is Magnificent

The wisdom and maturity of a person is seen in their use of silence. Silence is magnificent when necessity dictates it and is a blatant sin of omission in other arenas. Wisdom and maturity to know which is which comes from God in His Word, the Bible, we can read or from the Holy Spirit in our minds and hearts when humbly asked. God is the only source of this level of wisdom and maturity in the dedicated and n intentional art of silence. Let us ask Him continually and read His Word continually to get this one right. It is magnificent when done well and speaks volumes when done well consistently. Timing is God’s puppy. We need Him for it and may we represent Him well in doing so.❤