Complete is Mature & Balanced

People try to balance right and wrong. As if doing more good than bad saves your eternal soul. This is a ridiculous, ludicrous notion and here is why. Who determines what is right and wrong and which is better and keeps tabs on which you do in what column? See the ridiculousness of it? It is laughable. Even if you get right and wrong from the truth of the Bible, there are sometimes extrenuous circumstances and that God searches the heart, intent and motivation as much as what we do. So who can be more right than wrong by those high standards? You see how flawed that thinking is?

What God calls us to is perfection. But what He means by that is complete and mature and balanced. He wants us saved by the blood and resurrection power of Christ Jesus, which is a free gift in response to a humble prayer for it. Then we are saved. No right and wrong balanced, we are saved and secure for eternity with Him as long as we keep our humble prayer for salvation our heart’s desire. And no strings are attached, it is our gift. The complete maturity and balance (of eternity thinking and now thinking) comes after that as we live our lives focused on Him, maturing, growing, learning and studying truth, serving, appreciating, worshipping, praying, etc. As we strive every minute, every day, every thought or goal to be a follower of Christ Jesus, we become more like Him and eventually take on His likeness and focus and perspective. That is the perfection God calls us to. He takes us as we are, loves us, blesses us with the free gift of salvation, then trains us to be so much more for n our benefit and His kingdom’s benefit. And this is His will for us all. He loves us that much! How amazing is that! How perfect is He!❤❤❤

Complete With Flaws

It is easy to be impressed with 30 seconds worth of super sexy momma on a commercial or an hour and a half worth of movie with photo shopped flawless super model mommas who do everything perfectly. It can easily make you wonder at your messy house and imperfect children and zits on your face and lumps on your tummy or extra beef in the behind and question your validity as a human who eats and isn’t perfect and isn’t sexy every minute of the day. The 5 second snippets of chatter before a church tea exposes perfect people with perfect children and I wonder why I have judgmental glances when my monkey like children attend, wondering where their perfect children always go while I have mine 24\7. And it dawned on me, or rather came to me in a revelation of sorts, that I am at peace and have joy and am perfectly complete with my flaws and all. My monkey children are happy and good, though with more available energy to use from not stressing them out with social dilemmas all day at school. And my husband seems happy with my cooking and content with my level of sexy. And my relationship with God has never been stronger and that fills me with such contentment that I can even see past facades to see the rest of the set. I see the background scenes and feel empathy for those really struggling with building it all together, despite not being able to eat or show emotions or flaws. I am free to be the momma God made me to be, the wife my husband needs and wants, the daughter my parents depend on now, the dog walker and house cleaner and doctor and chef and taxi service and grocery shopper and pianist and whatever else I need to be that day. I can do all these things through Christ’s strength. I know because I do it all the time. I am not perfect. I have a lot of flaw. However, through my flaws, God shines and complete the work I obediently strive to do. I work for the Lord and He blesses me every time. I am complete with flaws and that is a wonderful place to be.