Handing it To You

I just wanted to shout out to the regular bloggers/writers out there. I can tell a whole bunch started out strong with new year resolutions and have trickled off to not write any longer. Writing is such a valuable sharing of ideas and expression of freedom and love. Invaluable. And what a worthy outlet! So this of you still writing away, good on ya and keep it up. It is beautiful to read your words and share life with your journey. Great job!!! Love you!😄❤

What I Write and Why I Share Others’ Writings

God makes each of us unique with specific gifts. My job as a writer is to encourage with truth. God often gives me a topic to write myself based on my experience. Other times someone writes from their gifts and experience that may help someone like-minded. I am a variety writer, all to encourage with truth. I write some wake up calls, some praise, some facts to empower, some challenges to embolden, some poems for trust and faith, some snippets of parentimg, thoughts on schooling, some recipes for health, some plans of salvation. So my blog sight is a buffet rather than one course but all for the purpose of encouraging in truth and hopefully restoring souls to God. I wanted to explain that as it sometimes seems random. My higher goal is for God and I take no money for it and want none because it is worship for my Lord God/Yahweh. Love you all, thank you for reading.😄❤

Writing Shows the Soul

When one writes well, the words convey the soul of the author.

I love the Bible because it shows me the soul of God.

I love reading books because it connects me with the soul of the writer. Doesn’t matter the physical manifestation of the author, the shell of that person is stripped away to obscurity and the mind and heart and essence (the soul) of the author is conveyed and appreciated. You also see the moral character, for better or worse. And this meeting of souls is beautiful. The story may support this but how it is written is much more important.

Never neglect the written word. Especially the Bible, as God is the most important of souls to connect with.❤

Treasures in the Snow


(I get nothing for promoting this book. I did not write the book and do not know the author except through reafing this book. In fact, I blog for my passion and love of God, truth and the art of writing and not money.)

I am promoting this book because it is a fantastic story with the greatest encouragement I know of through its thrilling story. I am reading it to my daughter right now, not having read it for several years, and again was drawn in to its power and sweetness. And it is making my daughter much more passionate about reading. Thought I would pass it on. ❤

Writing Life

This journey we are on has a point. Might take years to discover it but it is on purpose. We are lovingly designed, not freakish accidents of life, not mutations, not decendents of lower life forms. That is a load of crap someone really bad is selling. We are designed on purpose by God and our lives matter, our journey matters. Our journey has a point. The point is that God made us and we are here to want Him back or not want Him back. If we want Him, He blesses us with really great spiritual gifts (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control, love, hope, faith) and we are welcomed to Heaven later because that was His original plan. If we don’t want Him, we reject Him and live and life because He is life and death comes to us eternally after we die. While living, He keeps giving us chances and opportunities to choose Him. And writing chronicles our journey. Our writing matters and allows people to know our journey and be encouraged by and find hope from our journey. You can help people make the right choices with their journeys. Writing is a beautiful expression and sharing our journey with others who need help. Keep writing, it is so important and beautiful! ❤