I consider myself an artist. What does that mean? It can mean so many things. I have heard rappers say they are artists. I have heard actors say it. I have heard painters and sculptors say it. I have heard dancers or comics say it. I have heard preschoolers and their moms say it. I have heard musicians or singers say it. Is it overused? Are we all artists in some way? Got myself wondering what art is.

Here is my humble opinion because I believe the term “art” has in fact become a relative term. I believe now that art is a capturing and conveying and sharing of the glory of Creator God in some way. It is pointing out a universal truth of His glory. As such, I personally believe that glorifying self is not art but idolatry. So many who say they are artists in fact are not but are pushing an opposing agenda.

What makes me say such a pompus thing, right? God made everyfhing. Every single thing we know of or can imagine was made by our Creator God. So whatever we do for the sake of art is imitating the Creator’s achievement. So every true piece/work of art is a glorifying or praise or worship of what He has already done. It brings Him honor for His work, His artistry. Everything else is denying His rightful place as Creator and is then a lie/counterfeit art of some kind glorifying a false god or idol- whether it be self, another being, a false god.

So true/good art fills you with appreciation and reflection of some aspect of the Creator God and is pleasing. All the rest is not art but devices of sin promotion. If anything or anyone does not give glory, homage or credit to the Creator/Master Artist of all things, they are not worthy of the title “art” or “artist”. To God be the glory!😃❤️

The Art of Forgiving

Forgiving someone is only really easy if your emotions were not shredded or if you barely if at all trusted that person. If they were trusted or loved or were supposed to be trustworthy or love you, it can get complicated. Feelings were hurt, trust broken, lies were always involved, etc. This forgiving we must do (because God requires it of us) becomes more of an art.

I have learned this art of forgiving, forged after many disappointments in people I trusted, betrayals, losses, etc. Here it is… God has to help us. Seems simple? Too simple, like I am an idiot for saying so? On the contrary, pride is the real obstacle to forgiveness. Remembering humbly how many sins God forgave me for helps me forgive others, even the closest people to me. I can forgive someone who did anything to me because I have been forgiven of so many wrongs myself. And also, God assures us that we will be forgiven as we forgive others. That is pretty strong motivation. Realizing we are not perfect allows people to sin/make mistakes/hurt us. God says it is really God they are sinning against and He will repay them. But we are supposed to forgive and God will help when we call on Him. Then forgiveness frees you of the burden of carrying it around and reliving the pain over and over, giving you life and vitality as a reward. Forgiveness is an art and we need the Master Artist’s help to make it.❤

Getting Crafty

Wanna kill about 6 hours? Lol Seriously, my daughter and I spent about 6 hours total (2 Saturday and 4 today) working on these two crafts. The penguin family still needs their wings and feet glued on, but their houses are adorable. (The craft is from Youtube and the houses are plastic bottles.) And we had some good learning and bonding time. God is very good and we have a lovely Christmas memory. Oh how we love celebrating Jesus’ birthday!!❤❤❤