Answer to Pain Prayer

I wanted to share that as soon as my friends joined me in prayer over the sharp, shooting pain in my right torn shoulder ligament, God removed those sharp pains. I am going to rest it and do my part still to prevent further injury and promote healing, of course, but I am so happy that the 3 days of sharp pains are gone. I need to ask for prayer sooner. My Father God is the Great Physician who loves us and wants to heal us. Thank you for the prayers on my behalf. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!!😄❤❤❤

Praise God Who Answers Humble Prayer

So, thr bug guy came over today. And in answer to my humble prayer to God, he declared we do not have to tent and the termites will be treated by saturating the ground around our house. In addition, the house can be re-treated every year to prevent any other infestations. It will cost much less money and we can stay in our home even during treatment! Praise God who answers humble prayer!! He is so good!!❤❤❤