Every Life is a Testimony

Everything about you and I scream out to the world our beliefs, maturity, character, spirituality, pride level, etc. Whether you want to or not, your actions, words or silence, body language and decisions declare where you are now and how close to God you are at the moment. We are open books, so much moreso to God. So let us work to make our testimony a brilliant one that helps others and worships God. This is what we were made for. That has not changed.❤

Restoration of a Soul

I just watched a testimony on TV about a woman restored by God from drugs, spiritism, abuse, abortions, horrible experiences. It is amazing the loving power of Jesus. What He can touch and heal immediately when humbly asked is almost beyond comprehension. Jesus made this transformation in my life. I have wandered in my pride, been attacked, been abused for years by my sister, been emotionally abused in a bad marriage for years, made many bad choices in life, many bad men and this crumbled mess of a girl is the strong woman of God I am today. Jesus is the only reason and my Grandma’s prayers and her faith in what God can do prompted Jesus to keep fighting for me. He came after me. I had pushed Him away for years just sure a momentary love of a man would take care of me and heal me and that never happened, only made things worse. And it took utter disaster and broken heartedness on the deepest level in my life to humble my heart to accept Jesus’ love and salvation. It is powerful and precious and tender and potent drenched with love all at the same time. I am free in Him. And safe. And utterly in love with Him. I adore everything about Him. I love how He sets birds into song in the morning. His trees are regal, flowers are luxurious, animals fun and diverse. The way He patiently calms me and comforts me when I remember something and bawl again is precious to me. Oh how I love Jesus. Oh how He loves me. And oh how He loves you!❤❤❤

The Story of Her Heart

A mature woman of God once told me her story. She was a patient of mine, a regular, a real sweetheart. She told me of her heart’s song, the story of her love life. It goes something like this (but without her charming demonstrative flare- you’ll have to imagine it). She was married to a man who was horrible to her for years and was miserable and wanting desperately to be loved and held and treasured by a man. She happened to meet a man she had been friends with a long time but they realized they loved each other. The bad thing was that he was also in a miserable marriage also to a horrible woman. They, for 9 months of bliss together, justified their love because their marriages and spouses were so horrible and they felt so good and whole in each other’s arms and company, it seemed like destiny, they were soul mates in every sense of the word, perfect for each other. It was a perfect fit. Well, the man was being kicked out of his living arrangement and decided to go back to his wife to survive (she would not leave her kids so stayed in the house married technically- divorce being a bad thing back then), leaving her high and dry, not looking back, throwing her away like garbage. She ended up heart broken and almost died of her broken heart, so great was the loss and the betrayal. She yearned for him and mourned him for 9 full months, the amount of time they were together. And I was moved to tears as she still teared up speaking of it, such a sad story, such a broken women before me even telling the story to me so passionately, so empathetic was I to her pain, I felt it equisitely. Then she changed her demeanor entirely and began again. This beautiful old woman told me that the story didn’t end there. She said that she felt alone and friendless after that and decided she would not waste the rest of her life depressed until she died, so she started praying and reading her Bible. A new friend helped her to rebuild her heart a little at a time and she became a strong woman of faith and character and she said Jesus restored and forgave her entirely and He can do the same for anyone. I thanked this beautiful woman for sharing her heart story with me and hugged her. It is not every day you meet someone so willing to share their intimate struggles and testimony. (She gave me permission to share this, by the way.) I think if we all showed people how Jesus changed us and humble ourselves enough to be vulnerable to the listeners and tell it like it is, warts and all, we would help win souls to Jesus for salvation and eternal life with Him in heaven. Jesus has saved us all who are saved and someone may need to hear your heart story to be saved. Never be too proud to tell it. Or rather, be more proud of Jesus and how incredibly He saved you from it that what it might look like that you were imperfect enough to need salvation in the first place. ❤

Spousal Responsibilities

When we fast and give are the times to not let the other part of yourself (your spouse) know what you are doing. We do not have to indulge every thought to our mate, I don’t find that in Scripture. However, I find such things as love each other as a mandate. Wives are supposed to respect their husbands. It does not ever say that our husbands have to be perfectly respectable for this to happen. In fact, there is a good deal on being kind, forgiving, loving, gentle, self-controlled, and so on. I don’t see any prideful alternative here. In like manner, men are commanded to love their wives as Christ loved the church. That is a much taller order because no pride was involved in the depth of His love as He gave up His life for her. No prideful alternative is here either. All I see does not entail pride and selfishness at all. Quite the contrary. This is radical teaching in a culture of “all about me” and “I deserve it”. To say no to our rights and no to pridefully wanting to be right is indeed an act of the strongest faith. I don’t get it right as much as I would like to believe. I am not called to be right but be righteous, and that is quite different. I would rather be wrong and humbled in someone’s eyes and allow my trust in God to shine through as a testimony than to proudly stand correct and kill any testimony I may have had. I won’t be happy with evils hitting me in the face every day but I will have peace. I won’t ever say evil is good or okay or no big deal but I will focus on doing the Godly thing myself and pray and let the Holy Spirit work in my mate’s life. I am responsible to keep myself clean and faithful and gentle and kind and loving, just as I would be were I called to be single, and my spouse has that same responsibility. And if he chooses to chase after evil, nothing will stop him because God gives us free will. And if I choose to chase after evil, there is nothing anyone can do about it either. So the best I can do is be the best that I can, pray over the rest, repent of my wrongs, forgive, work on following Christ, and let the rest go. It breaks your heart and can make you quite depressed because of your love and desire to see that person at peace, but hurt or not, you have to let it go and work on your relationship with God and do the best you can. Just my thoughts on the matter as I see it Biblically.