Quiltemplations 2

So, I found a fabulous Heirloom quilt template and incorporated the story of Jesus Christ and our life into it. I love the complete story to wrap up in and I am so pleased with it. Now the hard work is finished (planning) and the fun of putting it together in all my spare time begins. Yay!!! 🙂

Strange Kids Party vs Church

So my son’s baseball team was invited to one of the team mate’s party. The invitation said 10am, so we get here at 10am and no n one is here. Wondering if we were pranked, we stay a few more minutes and another team mate drove up, wondering where everyone was. Then we knew it wasn’t just us. So we left to get breakfast and come back. Getting back close to 11am, people were here and I am now sitting at the most disorganized and boring party I have ever been to with the rudest hostess. And the bathrooms are locked so she must not have asked the park to unlock the bathrooms. Even with all that, the few kids not scared by all that ugly are making the most of it. Harder on the parents, I think. I say all this because it looks am trend feels shabby. I doubt parents will bring their kids to another of the parties. And it made me think of many of the churches I have attended. Some of them had rude people to greet you, we’re not punctual, we’re disorganized and they are surprised no one comes back. And the stakes are higher, may mean the difference between someone being saved from sin or not. When we are presenting the gospel, we have a responsibility to be a good host, a friendly one with a plan for everyone’s comfort and needs. Presentation may mean the difference in someone staying to hear the good news or leaving for a more welcoming place that may bot teach God’s truth. Just something to think about.

The Emotion Motion

I have some precious, beautiful friends who make decisions consistently based on their emotions. What they feel like doing, they do. Generally, they are sensitive, dear souls who wear their hearts on their sleeves and are very intune with the feel of a situation and their own intuition. And that works beautifully sometimes. Other times, they are deceived and respond to the feeling a manipulator presented beautifully or painted smoke and mirrors words. In those cases, acting on emotions is problematic. I can feel like doing something despite if it hurts someone else or not. I can be deceived and make the wrong choice. Intuition is sometimes wrong. And people are more and more selfish and narcissistic in the world so conmen are aplenty. So to not make a wrong decision, perhaps it is a good idea to feel the situation out first and then weigh it against truth- pros and cons lists, Bible study and mentor’s advice- before making a major decision. Emotions stir the passions of the heart and they are as strong as they can be unstable. Our hormones are simply untrustworthy sometimes and we must have a plan prepared so we are not caught in a bad decision. Taming the emotional roller coaster is important in protecting oursleves and those we are responsible for, as well as pleasing God. And having a planned course of action to follow is a great step in the right direction before making a decision. Just a thought. 🙂

Goals Worth Considering

I never make New Year resolutions because it always seem like my goal then becomes a race to see how quickly I can break them. No, that is not a good method of setting goals for me personally. It may work for others, though most often it seems to be fleeting. From my observations, the goals worth considering and most likely to be profitable and lasting in my life are those which are attainable and that come from God’s Word. See, if it is from Him, He wants you to do it and will strengthen and help you. So it is cheating, really, because you can be successful with His power and not just your own. So, instead of setting a goal of losing my last 30 extra pounds by tomorrow, I set up attainable goals like exercising and eating healthier just for today. Tomorrow, Lord willing, I will set the same goal. And since God wishes me to be healthy (yes, that is in there), He will allow me strength for the moment and energy at the right time. Another example is that instead of a goal of being patient in every situation from now to eternity, I set the goal of being at peace and content all day long, no matter what situation I am in. And God will help me through the day because patience is one of His attributes that He loves seeing in us also. And Lord willing, tomorrow I will set the same goal for that day. I find taking goals in daily chunks is reasonable, attainable, realistic and Biblical. So what if other people do things differently. I am very happy to do what works for me and you should be very happy to do what works for you. If people tell you it should be done a certain way, don’t argue with these people. Just nod and smile and turn around and do it the way that works. You can’t push a rope or argue with ignorance. Everyone has a way that fits. The point is that if you things and line up goals according to God’s Word, He helps you each to e you ask and you don’t have to fight so hard yourself to be successful. Happy goal planning and success!