List of Blessing to Count

So, if you need a lift in your outlook, like I did today, here is a list of blessings from God you can appreciate and thank Him for…

1. Breathing

2. Health beyond simply breathing like walking or just arms and hands to use

3. The Bible to read

4. Prayer, which can happen out loud or in your mind

5. Transportation

6. A home to live in

7. Air conditioning or fans 9r ice or just shade

8. Trees and beautiful nature around us everywhere, birds singing, dogs barking, cats purring…

9. Parks

10. Bath tubs for bathing or showers

11. First aid kits

12. Pillows

13. Food

14. Church

15. Books to read

16. Salvation through Jesus Christ!!!!

17. A bed

18. Coffee and chocolate

19. Friends (sorry they are so far down on the list oops)

20. Family (yeah, they should have been higher too)

21. Clothes, including Comfortable underwear

22. You get the picture. Continue your own personalized list. Now don’t you feel better???😄❤

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