I Used to Like Football

I remember back when people supported America and football was a good game to watch. I remember when people were Christian Americans first and football players after that. I remember when they were played a lot of American dollars to play football. It sure would be a shame if America stopped making them dollar bills out of protest.


The Silver Lining

In waiting for a storm to arrive, I finished one more row of tying on the quilt, making 4 rows finished now and 5 more to go. Almost half! Yay! I thank God for the extra time to work on it as I pray.

In a related story, there have been many situations where it was blessing, horrible, blessing, horrible and then a huge blessing in the end, so keep praying hard and hang in there. What the enemy wishes for evil, God can turn it into good. He creates beauty from devastation as His signature favorite-of-mine ability. Pray on and keep going. God loves you more than you can imagine and always will. Hang onto Him! ❤❤❤

Sun Kissed

Too much sun today, from Homeschool Group meeting and then pool time. Lots of sun, lots of heat. Did I mention hot?

So the pool felt good but added to the sun part. And I thought, isn’t that what we do in life? We play with fire, get close to it, have a little more fun, stay a little bit longer and before we know it, we are wounded, burned. Christians seem hell bent on seeing how much of the world they can enjoy and still be saved, how close to the fire without getting burned. Instead, we should be enjoying the fruit of the Spirit and seeing how different we can be from the world as we worship and serve the Lord. ❤

Good Does Not Balance Bad

Doing something good does not offset or make up for something bad you do, even if you believe that to be true or have made such a habit of this balance game that you do it automatically. What makes up for doing something wrong, like stealing, lying, cheating, doing drugs, getting drunk, watching porn, getting off on someone other than your spouse, killing someone, hating someone, not doing or saying what you should, etc. is to stop doing it and not do it again. God forgives most willingly if you humbly ask Him but if you ask forgiveness and then do it all over again, are you sincere? It would be like my daughter as ask toddler writing all over the wall with crayons and then telling me she is sorry then doing it again when I walk out of the room. The next day, telling me she’s sorry then doing it again. As a mom, I would be sad that she was still doing it and would rather she not even ask me if she didn’t mean it and was just going to do it again. Now a toddler doesn’t get that at all but we as adults do. We need to reapect and honor God so much that we don’t risk doing anything that would make Him sad or disappointed or even worse angry. I would rather err on the side of caution than risk disrespecting Him intentionally. I do that enough unintentionally. And I work on all this. It is hard to keep up with it but thank God He also helps us do what pleases Him!! Woo hoo!!❤❤❤

Recovering from Our Own Bad Decisions

No one decides audibly and suddenly to make their first bad decision that leads to a bad habit or many bad habits over and over, called addictions nowadays, or decides suddenly to make repeated decisions that lead them to destroy their lives or everyone’s around them. No, it doesn’t work that way. We might have something bad happen to us or have an emotional low or undergo a betrayal or have bad people tell us or do bad things to us or die or whatever, but something bad generally gets us low and we make one vulnerable decision to ease our pain somehow, could be with drugs, porn involvement, alcohol, sex, making money, gambling, starving ourselves or gorging then throwing it up, excessive food, u healthy relationships, whatever it might be. Then, the temporary feeling generated is incentive to do it again, and it is easier the second time. This behavior becomes the go to behavior to feel better. It is justified and denial sets in, lies always always follow to cover up, guilt sets in, you feel uglier and guiltier, you feel bad about it and more secretly continue the behavior. All this is one bad decision after another. The beauty of this is that at any point, we can also choose to make a good decision and try something that has long term peace and joy and truth attached, like praying to God, reading the Bible, hearing Christian music on the radio, something positive and eternal. Bad decisions can be changed by good decisions. God always helps when we ask Him to and He always knows who He made us to be so forgives so readily and is never surprised. Shame is a lie. God knows who He made us to be and loves us drastically, perfectly. He is for us, has our back. And we are so incredible with such great promise and there is always hope in the Lord Jesus Christ. One good decision at a time is the way out. It can be done. I did it. I understand. I love you too!!! Just make this decision good. You got this!!! God helps! 🙂

Bad Days and Good Days

Today was bad. I will freely admit that two and a slow third losses is too much for me, and I am tough as nails. However, I have given these things to God once again and feel better. It is a beautiful thing to have so done really big to count on. Never has God’s faithfulness meant so much to me in my life than now. I fancy I shall think of That one attribute in everyone left in my life much more meaningfully. And of course to me truth is the most important quality. I would so much rather be given a painful truth than a pleasant lie. God, being incapable of anything but the truth, is my very best friend now. God loves me. God is always with me. In my losses, He has stepped up as best friend, lover of my soul, Heavenly Father, confidant, sharer of my day, hearer of my heart, bearer of my burdens. God is it. He will never let me down. He will never abandon me. He will always be with me everywhere I go. That is so completely comforting and fantastic! So even bad days are better now because of God in my life. And good days, when I start having some again, will be fantastic. We will travel more also, making the most of the beauty around us and explore more of God’s amazing design and beauty. So good or bad days, they will be made the most of. 

A Mixed Bag of a Day

Each day always contains moments of beauty as well as moments of badness. Every day has a little of both. What you focus on most determines whether you are considered an optimist or pesimist. However, extremes are not the focus here. I am about both. Sometimes you have to take one with the other. Today, being Father’s Day, I spent some time with my loved Daddy with Kathleen, my little daughter. She and I went to visit Daddy in the nursing home with our little gift and found he was in the activities room having a Father’s Day celebration with other residents. So we went down there with our little dresses on from church and found him in there with about 10 other guys and one warm hearted nurse’s aid trying to entertain them and serve them snacks and cheer them up. So, we arrived and jumped right in of course and Kathleen and I started serving the men their snacks and talking and singing and helped the best we could. But with dementia, you always wonder how much gets through because your efforts are met primarily with stares and vacant expressions. And there is my dad who still loves eating. She served chips and salsa and mini cakes. On the same plate, of course, because who wouldn’t really? lol. And I help open everyone’s salsa packets and come back to check on dad and he is dipping his chips in his salsa and eating and then dipping his cake into his salsa and eating it. And it hit me out of the blue like a whack with a plank to the forehead out of nowhere. Daddy is fading fast. So the pleasure we had in serving and entertaining him was momentarily derailed. Kathleen and I finished our visit and I dropped her off at home before I left to pick up my son from his dad’s about an hour away (without traffic, which there always is so is usually double that). And I am off alone and on the highway and the vision of dad dipping his cake into his salsa and eating it proved too much for my little brain and I exploded in heaving sobs. The commute did end up being double time from the traffic not crying because apparently a car was on fire and no one could go around. But then I was able to pick up my son and it was good to have him back. I do love my children. So Father’s Day was really good and really bad, depending on the hour you ask about. And I think all of life is like that. You cannot appreciate the good without experiencing the bad too. You cannot enjoy peace without work. You cannot appreciate love without some hate as contrast. So, long story short, good and bad happen to everyone every day and you have to appreciate both for the fullest life and peace and then joy. Do not wish for one without the other. It will not happen and you will add disappointment to your list of things in a day. No, there must be both. Make peace with it. Embrace it. Then the bad things will become shorter lived or seem less important and the good will seem more good. And happy Father’s Day to those who have lost their Daddy. So hard sometimes. Tomorrow will be better.