The Sun’s Kiss

Working on gardening was serene.

Hard work is no bother at all.

Family time was sweeter still.

Landscaping flowed beautifully.

After the poolside was lovely,

Offering rest and warmth.

And wind and some clouds happened by

But I care for them not at all

For today the sun kissed me.

And with the God- made sun’s kiss, I bask

In the comforting warmth of God’s love.❤

Sun Kissed

Too much sun today, from Homeschool Group meeting and then pool time. Lots of sun, lots of heat. Did I mention hot?

So the pool felt good but added to the sun part. And I thought, isn’t that what we do in life? We play with fire, get close to it, have a little more fun, stay a little bit longer and before we know it, we are wounded, burned. Christians seem hell bent on seeing how much of the world they can enjoy and still be saved, how close to the fire without getting burned. Instead, we should be enjoying the fruit of the Spirit and seeing how different we can be from the world as we worship and serve the Lord. ❤

Annual Picnic

So today we embark on our first annual picnic for the Naval Sea Cadets and their families. Should be fun, weather is hot but cloudy. Swimming is eminent and will be welcomed with open arms. Divisions from around Florida will be there and I am excited. When draws a crowd, it is easy to get a sense of not wanting to go. It is easy to feel apprehensive. But when the crowd you will be in is armed and capable and well trained, there is a comfort there and all apprehensions fly out the roof of my little brain. So, bring on the fun and sun and water and BBQ. Let’s enjoy this gorgeous day!! 😄❤

It’s The Sun!

We knew it was there, I knew it had not taken a vacation to other regions of the galaxy, I knre it was still there working, but it is sure good to see the sun again! Something about the perceived tangibility of sight, something renewing and reassuring about that. The sun! I think it will be even better to see Jesus. I know He is there and working and loves me but something about seeing Him will be so exciting!