Revisiting the Truth of Creation and Stupidity of Evolution

Evolution is forced down our throats by some ‘scientists’ hell bent on renewing their grants and living quite well off them and their copycat books based on irrational data and unproven dating techniques. These charlatans push atheist agendas for money, prostitutes really, when many of them realize how ridiculous the premise of evolution is. But God is inconvenient, responsibility is limiting and greedy narcissists want people to worship them and not God, so the ridiculous lie of evolution continues and people continue to allow teachers and text books to shove that indoctrination down our kids’ throats. These are the same parents no longer taking their kids to church, by the way. Horrible. But I digress.

So, I again write the glorious, positive truth from Genesis 1:1, that being that “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” And this is 1,000 times more beautiful than the evolution lie is ugly. God is light and truth, with the power we cannot even comprehend and yet all the fruits of the Spirit (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control). And He made everything! Wrapping your faith and mind around that truth is beautiful and empowering and rightly promotes worship and eternal thinking. We are made with love on purpose, friends. That is truth!❤

On Truth & Variations on that Theme

My daughter is raised to be truthful. Not that we always get it right, but she knows full well what is truth and what is lie. Her friend does not, she mixes truth and lies up together in a big bowl and dishes it up according to what she wants at the moment- attention, things, pleasures, etc. Sounds like half of society these days and me a while back, I confess it. So how is it I believe I am instructing my child in knowing truth versus lie? How can I tell? What is truth? Is it all relative, which is the latest fad of knowledge? Do we guess or reason and come up with our own truth? Who decides what truth is? How do we know what is truth internally? Why is there a truth? Aren’t absolutes square and rigid and boring and limiting and antique/archaic? 

I know and we all know what truth is because we are all created with live by the Creator of truth/One which can not ever lie. Our Creator can not lie, there is no lie in Him. And He planted a moral code in our brain. We can choose to attend to it or not for we were also given free will. But the moral truth code is embedded on our brain harddrive. Think about it. Why do we gasp in horror when someone hits a pregnant woman or leaves their dog in the car on a hot summer day or kill someone or rise in anger at a bully? Why? Did someone tell everyone this is bad and wrong, lying is bad and wrong. When we lie, do we feel good or bad? Think about it. Someone had to have done so. God pre-wired us to know it. He wanted our happiness because of His love for us so gave us the moral code of truth to follow to be happy. And He was generous enough to write it down in the Bible for we who are too distracted and self-involved to hear our internal moral truth programming code gift from God. We need to get back to it for our happiness and connection to God. 😄❤ 

A Great Lie About Mourning

Most days, I have energy to spare but sometimes I still have waves of missing and am tired. I understand it is part of grief, part of the mourning process when those we loved are no longer with us. But it is a great lie that life cannot continue at great value. It is a lie that we stop here and mope the rest of our days. I believe that does those we lost a great injustice. We celebrate those who are dancing in heaven for they are done with the evil here. We are happy for those no longer in pain or forgetfulness. Yes. But we continue to live our best efforts for God who made us all and put us together for as long as we were granted. And that, my friends, even tired sometimes, is obedient worship. And when we humbly obey and try to the best of our current ability, God loves that and gives us bursts of rest and peace and energy when we need it. He is a good, good Father. And He is truth. We don’t have to be consistently overtaken in grief, that is a great lie. We honor them more and honor God by doing our best and living life as fully and happy and we can. And God helps every step of the way. Praise God!!

As I Walk Through Mud Alone, a Poem

As I walk through mud alone, I trip and Wade through its murky gloom

My Dad would carry me when asked, My love would offer me the moon.

And now I walk alone through mud, the rain beats down upon my head

And look before through crying eyes, I see beside the path a shed.

I enter, happy to be sheltered there, not knowing whose this shed may be

And Jesus was lovingly standing there, saying He built this shed for me.

He wanted to remind what I had misplaced, that He was the One I had forgotten 

And that no matter who was or was not there, I was never where He was not.

The rain, it stopped upon revelation, alone was I not ever or the future.

And sunny it was, and even if raining, I would have peace in any disaster.
We never walk alone. We may walk lonely sometimes without familiar faces, but we are never alone and God sends us who and what we need when we need it. Every time. Remember to spend time with the only truly faithful One. He loves us so much.

The Lonely Lie

A popular temptation the enemy attempts to snag us with is that lie of loneliness. It is a lie because no matter what we are going through, others are going through exactly the same thing. No matter if our bed is unshared with another or not, we never sleep alone. No matter how raw your heart is or dry like a desert, we are never without a listening ear or loving Comforter. No matter what sin type you gravitate towards, you are not the only one sinning like that at that exact moment and you never sin alone. The thing is that we are never alone. Ever. We are in fact always in the presence of the angels and the Holy Spirit. And when we pray, we converse with the One always with us and seeing us and knowing us best. In fact, the One who made and loves us a whole bunch never leaves us and is always faithful and loving and good, even when we are not, and we are not. So, when you feel alone, it is important to remember that that feeling is a choice you are making to be deceived and isolated on purpose because it is far from the truth. God is always with you. God is always with me. God is there wherever we are, no matter what we are doing and He loves us best and biggest in the world. And yes, sometimes it feels like He is the only One, but when that One is the loving and all powerful God and Creator of the universe, we are still rich with that Friend. Do not allow the enemy to win a round because you purposely choose to believe his lie and decide you are all you’ve got in this world and even that is bad. No, no, no. Just say no to the lie of loneliness, pick up your Bible and read for yourself how secure we are in His constant companionship. Remember Whose you are. God did not make us and then fling us away to our own devises. We are lovingly nurtured, sometimes disciplines and always guided toward growth and blessing (which can take the easy or hard way). We are not without resources either. We have at our every humble request a Heavenly Father who will hold our hurting souls in His gigantic but gentle arms and heal us and make it all better. He is peace in the storm and light in the dark. You are never alone. I am never alone. Sometimes we want arms, but a soul hug is much more fulfilling and the arms will come when the time is right. Just know that we are never alone.