Peace in the Storm

I knew I had experienced calm for too long. It was coming. I was not anxious but braced. And through this day’s storms, I maintain my peace and joy because God helped me and has given me that gift. What storms in particular all happened today? I will tell me if you agree to pray for me specifically about them.

1. We had to attend a viewing of my sister-in-law who passed two days ago.

2. While at the viewing the dog pushed through a screen window and got out I had to leave the viewing and go home, return him home and return to the viewing.

3. My daughter came down with a horrible fever and the flu right before the viewing.

4. We discovered a localized-for-now infestation of termites in our home- oh no.

5. Saw my ex on the way to the viewing.

Needless to say, while in mourning the death of a loved one, a lot has happened in this one day. And up to yesterday, we had been experiencing a long calm. So here is the storm.

And I have complete peace and joy and feel fully loved. It is all in God’s hands because I put it all there. I have peace in my storms today. God is way bigger than any storm. I am not worried. I did everything I could do after the best thing, which is pray, and then I prayed again after doing my part. Peace is upon me. I am drenched with it. And I am fully thankful for it. God is exceedingly good, friend. ❤ ❤ ❤

The Silver Lining

In waiting for a storm to arrive, I finished one more row of tying on the quilt, making 4 rows finished now and 5 more to go. Almost half! Yay! I thank God for the extra time to work on it as I pray.

In a related story, there have been many situations where it was blessing, horrible, blessing, horrible and then a huge blessing in the end, so keep praying hard and hang in there. What the enemy wishes for evil, God can turn it into good. He creates beauty from devastation as His signature favorite-of-mine ability. Pray on and keep going. God loves you more than you can imagine and always will. Hang onto Him! ❤❤❤

As I Walk Through Mud Alone, a Poem

As I walk through mud alone, I trip and Wade through its murky gloom

My Dad would carry me when asked, My love would offer me the moon.

And now I walk alone through mud, the rain beats down upon my head

And look before through crying eyes, I see beside the path a shed.

I enter, happy to be sheltered there, not knowing whose this shed may be

And Jesus was lovingly standing there, saying He built this shed for me.

He wanted to remind what I had misplaced, that He was the One I had forgotten 

And that no matter who was or was not there, I was never where He was not.

The rain, it stopped upon revelation, alone was I not ever or the future.

And sunny it was, and even if raining, I would have peace in any disaster.
We never walk alone. We may walk lonely sometimes without familiar faces, but we are never alone and God sends us who and what we need when we need it. Every time. Remember to spend time with the only truly faithful One. He loves us so much.

The Wind Bends the Trees

I picture in my mind a spot in a paradise beach, somewhere secluded with palm trees, sand and surf but not too secluded to not have a hammock and ready made fruit drinks. And I picture laying on said hammock and sipping on said fruit drink and enjoying the sound of the surf. Hours float into days and weeks and I am unmoved, peaceful, calm. There is a breeze from the ocean, even a strong one, and the palm trees bend. My soul is reminded that palm trees remain strong in all winds because they bend with it. They are flexible. They do not stand so rigid that they are unmovable and fight the wind just to break away. They dig their roots in and flex. They do not cease being trees. But they live through even hurricanes and are strong get for it. I take comfort in this bending of the Trees. I take comfort that I can move on response to storms that arise. I can flex and not break, but my flexing is bowing to God. He protects me as I bow before Him, no matter what happens. Then I can settle back down after in my hammock and sip my fruit drinks.

Peace Amidst Chaotic Storms

Watching the best and strongest man I have ever known slowly shrivel up is the most difficult thing I have gone through because I love him and know him. To also have someone in your life not care about your pain in helping care for this great man and criticize and complain rather than be honored by the service increases the difficulty. To add pests in the house, trust issues in other arenas, responsibilities of work, teaching and raising children, leading a band, playing piano at church, being a friend to other hurting people and narcissism of seemingly everyone around us adds to chaotic turbulence of life. Am I complaining? No. And let me tell you why. It is my firm belief that I am honored to be in such a position and still be at peace and joy internally, so much so that I can do all these things at once. Where is this peace from? How did I obtain it? Sounds simple, but it was from God. The Holy Spirit in me renews my peace and joy no matter what threatens to undo it. I asked Him too and humbly put down my own control over the situations. I decided rightfully long ago that if I used my own strength, even though I am a strong person, eventually my strength buckles. There is only so much a human can take. We have limitations, though amazingly made. So, understanding this, God allowed me to see that He was the only One big enough to handle any and every complexity and attack that could ever come my way now and forever. So, I pray. God changes things while I do what I can and be as humble as possible. My goal each day is to remember that my being and significance and any good in me is only because God wanted it that way. He loves me because He wants to. There is my strength. My greatest strengths in letting go. The last of worship in life is letting go of one’s agenda (not dreams- that is from Him) and attempting to be a conduit of Him, giving Him His rightful place and serving where given the opportunity to serve. The peace and joy flow freely as a blessing and reward from God in response to our humble obedience and worship. And rightfully so. God is a peaceful, joyous God. He loves me. He loves you. Always has.