A Great Lie About Mourning

Most days, I have energy to spare but sometimes I still have waves of missing and am tired. I understand it is part of grief, part of the mourning process when those we loved are no longer with us. But it is a great lie that life cannot continue at great value. It is a lie that we stop here and mope the rest of our days. I believe that does those we lost a great injustice. We celebrate those who are dancing in heaven for they are done with the evil here. We are happy for those no longer in pain or forgetfulness. Yes. But we continue to live our best efforts for God who made us all and put us together for as long as we were granted. And that, my friends, even tired sometimes, is obedient worship. And when we humbly obey and try to the best of our current ability, God loves that and gives us bursts of rest and peace and energy when we need it. He is a good, good Father. And He is truth. We don’t have to be consistently overtaken in grief, that is a great lie. We honor them more and honor God by doing our best and living life as fully and happy and we can. And God helps every step of the way. Praise God!!

This Blessed Day

Today was amazingly beautiful in every way. A day or two ago, I was feeling very low. For me to say so is significant. I am pretty steady state and am not often deeply rattled by things. But alas, the enemy has been my enemy for some time and seems to know very well what can affect me. And I should not fall for it but sometimes still do. Praise God for forgiving me so much! However, today was definitely a big fat diamond vacation from Heaven. I feel refreshed in my heart and was reminded why God put my husband and I together. We completed a project together. We put up pole lights around our front patio. This doesn’t sound like a big project, but I assure you if you do it right and lasting, it is. And I was able to appreciate and respect my husband and how he plans well, invents well, organizes and prepares well, instructs well and appreciates my efforts to help him. I felt so blessed to work all day today with such a man and feel so proud that he is my husband. I felt like our marriage was refreshed because God touched my perspective. Perspective is the key to life. The same good and bad punches come to every person, but what makes the great stand out from the masses is what they choose to focus on and do about it, no matter what. And the absolute best I can hope for everyone is a beautiful day like this with the person God designed for you. Then when the day comes, which is rare and amazing, appreciate it because it is a reward and blessing from God. There is no other explanation. I feel like,though I love my husband and will until I die, I re-fell in love with him today. It is a truly marvelous adventure, this life thing, this marriage thing. It can feel like it is ripping your heart out some days and other days like it is everything good and alive about life. And I am celebrating this day and wish you a day like it.