A Surprise Gig Tomorrow

So, all of a sudden, we were called today to cover for a guitarist and singer that had to bail on the gig for work. That is unheard of… 2 people to bail out of a gig last minute. I mean, we even gig sick as a dog, but for work, ya gotta do it. So, they called us, our old buddies from an earlier band. And of course we are going to help them out. So here we go tomorrow at Old Town in Celebration/Kissimmee on the main stage. So n excited and wanted to give a shout of praise to God for turning the hurricane for us (whoo hoo, praise God!) and let you know that if you keep good contacts and musical relationships, we help each other and I am thankful for that. So, I am grateful and excited right now and wanted to share that goodness from God! No, back to work and getting my book ready and learning some songs. Come by tomorrow if you are around. Love you!😄❤

New Game Plan for Self-Improvement

I won’t lie, I have struggled with a case of the grumbles mixed with a helping of sarcasm lately. I had been doing better and lately I have so much on my plate that I have regressed. I really want to defeat this spirit of grumbling, despite what is going on that is wrong around me. So I have a new game plan for self-improvement for the sake of God and His good name I represent and those in my influence. Here it is:

I am going to start a “Grateful Thinking Journal”. I will put it n in my memo app on my phone I always have with me. I would have used a journal in the n pre-tech days (and would have enjoyed that more) but I need to have it everywhere all the time because I am starting a new habit here. This premise is based on the mandate in the Bible, “Be joyful always. Pray continuously. Give thanks in all circumstances for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”

So in my memo app, I will put a new entry title “Grateful Thinking Journal”. And throughout the day, if a grumble slips into my mind, even before it escapes my mouth, I will write one thing I am grateful for in that moment. And I will keep doing that all day and every day until it becomes a new habit to replace the old bad habit of grumbling.

And I will tell my kids to hold me accountable. And when the habit is formed and grumbling is no longer an issue, I will switch from a grateful focus to a praise God focus, because everything good comes from Him.

Thank You, Abusers

I had an abuser in my home. A couple actually. One abused physically and emotionally/mentally and one abused with neglect. And this would normally be a cause to be upset or sad or angry or disappointed. But as I have drawn up closely to Jesus, I am grateful. I would not be who I am to do what I do without this abuse in my past. I would not appreciate Jesus’ rescuing me nearly as much if I had not needed Him so badly. I would never have been pushed to know the reality and not just the theory that “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” I would not know my strength with Jesus. I would not know the ecstacy of being loved unconditionally by Jesus without years of bad treatment. I am grateful and thankful to my abusers from the bottom of my heart. I forgave long ago but today I am truly thankful. Jesus made me for the best through it. I know I can be content in nothing and in much, on pain and plenty, in abuse and luxury. I join with Paul in that “I have learned to be content in all circumstances.” Jesus be praised! I am so thankful!😄❤❤❤

Back to School

Well, I met most of my spring cleaning goals last week during spring break. Alsi, we got a lot of playing and visiting friends done. And I cleaned out my mom’s gutters, swept off the roof and weeded for her home. It felt great getting those things completed.

And now, back to crazy. It all begins again. Today we get back to school, PE, church, consults and baseball etc. Big days this month. Next month starts clearing up a bit and I am looking forward to that. No word on Steve’s daughter, so I guess she isn’t needing me to watch the baby after all for April and May like she had said, but maybe that will change, who knows but God?

So here we are at busy. At least we are going into it decluttered and cleaner. Somehow it feels better and lighter. Great stuff. God is good!!❤❤❤

I am Grateful

I am grateful for every happiness and every pain. There must be both. Without the pain, we cannot treasure deeply the pleasure. We cannot know happiness fully without some endurance of unhappiness. It is the way of it. I am grateful. Each step was designed by God’s choosing but also our choosing. We are a contributing part of the decisions of our journey’s payhway. And I am grateful to God for that also. I respect His power and wisdom after I see how I screwed up what He had planned beautiful. I am grateful and love God all the more for everthing. ❤