Sick Days

Yesterday and today have been my sick days. I am rarely sick because I generally do not allow it because I have too much to do and yes, my faith in God’s healing ability and my will are that strong. I allowed this one because I needed some down time and rest. October was insanely busy and we needed rest. So, November is not so busy and we don’t have a gig until Saturday, so it is a good time to rest. I hope everyone else stays healthy and happy. I will be healthy again tomorrow and back at walking and school. God bless you all! Remember to spend some time with Him today! ❤

Lazy Days Are Hiding

We are so busy lately with the pantry development and baseball for Zach and art for Kat and school for both of them that I cannot remember the lazy days that used to hand over our heads. Now it is purposeful work or meaningful appointments in between. There will be lazy days to be had in time, but now they are hiding and quite elusive. I see at the end of paint and cut and trim and plumbing, a waft of lazy appreciation of the hard work we are doing. And I am thankful all the while for these busy work days. I never feel more alive than when I am working with my hands or painting! Thank you, dear God, for the work and health to do it! 🙂

On Minor Setbacks

Healing is a process. There will be great days and days you wish you could stay in bed all day. The trick is to accept this as fact and not beat yourself up about it. Expect rain or blue skies and it may be a surprise at first which you bump I to. That is okay. No worries. God is your source of strength, remember. And if tears well up from a memory at 10:30am out of the blue when driving the kids to piano lessons, say, just let them quietly fall and whisper a prayer for God to hold you just then. He will. He always does. Not physically but in a much deeper soul way. And later that night, you watch a classic comedy like It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World and then you get great news that jogs you back to happy again. And it occurs to you that God is your go to hug source. He is always faithful and there and always loved you and does not drop you like a bad habit because something better comes along and He loves with the yummiest love that can exist. God’s love is very real and personal for what you need at that moment and never judging but always uplifting and always pulling the chin up so we see Him in it all. And He is truly all we need. In fact, if all we had was God, we would be extremely rich. He supplies our needs as we humbly ask Him to. Then He gives Eve. More most of the time. Nothing is too big for Him, nothing takes Him by surprise or overwhelms Him. This is important because He is our source of strength. 

Bad Days and Good Days

Today was bad. I will freely admit that two and a slow third losses is too much for me, and I am tough as nails. However, I have given these things to God once again and feel better. It is a beautiful thing to have so done really big to count on. Never has God’s faithfulness meant so much to me in my life than now. I fancy I shall think of That one attribute in everyone left in my life much more meaningfully. And of course to me truth is the most important quality. I would so much rather be given a painful truth than a pleasant lie. God, being incapable of anything but the truth, is my very best friend now. God loves me. God is always with me. In my losses, He has stepped up as best friend, lover of my soul, Heavenly Father, confidant, sharer of my day, hearer of my heart, bearer of my burdens. God is it. He will never let me down. He will never abandon me. He will always be with me everywhere I go. That is so completely comforting and fantastic! So even bad days are better now because of God in my life. And good days, when I start having some again, will be fantastic. We will travel more also, making the most of the beauty around us and explore more of God’s amazing design and beauty. So good or bad days, they will be made the most of. 

Loving the Moment Blue

Days are not all the same. Having them all the same would be comforting and maddening at the same time. There are days that warm the heart. These rare days are my orange days. There are days of refreshing, my green days, my favorite days. There are red angry days and yellow summer fun days. Thankfully, black gloom days are rarest of all. But I want to discuss how to appreciate the blue days. Days are blue when we feel weight and darkness pressing around us and its blackness seeps into our happy warmth that naturally comes with following Yeshua and it reveals itself as blue, lumbering, somber, motivationally-challenged. There seem to be a lot of these days for many of my friends lately, and when they are affected, I am affected. So, if the blue days are here, what on earth can we do to make them more lovable. And I thought of a few ideas we can try. On blue days, don’t get out of bed u til you have read three Psalms. I think this might be a good step forward. Another idea is to pray right away and tell God that we have this blue day and need help. If we humbly ask God, our Heavenly Father for help, He does not refuse us. Ever. So, if we ask for a little help and motivation, He will send us little helps throughout the day. The next step is to get out of bed. Sometimes this is about all w can muster, but it is important. Get out of bed, shower, get dressed, force yourself to do this and as you do, God encourages you with strength. Happens every time. We can opt for a little help on being uplifted by listening to some great teaching of truth on the radio or internet or watch some I Love Lucy or Carol Burnett reruns. 🙂 Here’s the next fabulous and important idea. Help someone else. It seems like an impossibility, you certainly won’t want to, but there is something magical that happens when we purposefully obey God in serving someone else, which He says is actually serving and worshipping Him. When we worship Him in this way, He blesses us. The last idea is to stop focusing on the reasons for the blueness and thank Him and look for all the little blessings and good moments. There are always little diamonds He drops down for us. But we miss them if we allow ourselves to wallow and stay distracted. These are some ideas for loving blue days and maybe changing them to yellow. Let’s give it a try.