Working Hard for Fun

I tell you what. Losing 22 pounds the healthy way in just 2 months really dumps a ton of energy into your body. I am getting g things done and caught up that were so behind in my larger, unhealthy, still coming out of depression days. I hadn’t realized how much I had let go of, just not doing it, not paying attention. Since losing the weight and still working on losing more to get to a “normal” weight for my ridiculously short height, I am working on putting in the fence, catching up on yard maintenance, mowing, spring cleaning, reorganizing, rearranging the kids’ rooms to make more sense, reading, keeping up with cooking and cleaning, doing dishes, subbing the outdoor front patio, practicing my piano, catching up with old friends I love but have neglected, oh so many things! And I am not worn out, my back doesn’t hurt, my knees are fine, no pain anywhere, and I am looking for and finding things to do for fun and productivity. I love this. I am working for God and love the energy and help losing weight He is giving me. God is so very good and holds us well. ❤

Productive Days

So we finally were able to get rid of the junk van which has started this chain of productivity that has made me a happy girl. Now we can put aggregate in the driveway, which we have now. And today  y son and I raked the yard and cleared the space and the whole family worked together to clear and measure and level off the base where the aggregate will go tomorrow to be the foundation of a new shed. And we have the shed in the modern assemble it yourself style and that will happen next. And then we will have a decluttered house! I am so excited about that. I love working together as a family on projects. We work well together and it is nice to work together toward a common,  beneficial goal.that is the beauty of a family, focus on we and not just me and accomplishments wholesome things together. That is truly beautiful! Am tired but a happy sort of tired and now going to sleep, looking forward to tomorrow’s work together! 🙂