The Feel of the Pavement

I never look forward to walking, I confess. I look forward to playing tennis but not to getting up in the early hours and walking. Partly because I love sleeping in (I stay up late) and partly because I have to get out of bed to do it. Lol But once I do and have had my 45 minutes of walking in the morning, prating, enjoying nature, hearing and seeing the birds, feeling the sun’s warmth on my skin, I am so very glad I did. The endorphins released also give a boost of energy and happy, a natural high (the only high I have ever experienced) and my body genuinely feels better. It is good to be walking again. Still looking forward to tennis though. Lol 🙂

Working Out Again

So, I decided this post-mourning body needed to get back in shape again (figure eight and not round), so I have been doing non-weight lifting calisthetics every or every other day. I have a great friend who is a personal trainer that said that would be the way to go for me and eat healthier and a little less bit mostly healthier. I also do a half hour swimming, walking or roller blading twice a week. And I have been for 2 weeks now and feel better as a whole, my clothes are comfortable again and not feeling snug. The scale has only come down a couple of pounds but I feel lighter already and tone. It amazes me how God designed us to respond so well to movement and working our bodies, even after months of neglect we can start back and improve so quickly. My mood has improved also and I am less tired and feeling more like myself. So there you have it. To fight a lot of mood related issues, exercise. Even free calisthetics in your home 30 minutes a day or every other day works wonders! We all can serve God, our families and others so much better when we are in our best health. We were made to move. And when I get to full energy restoration, lookout, world. 🙂


Stumbling through another intense workout the trainer had put me through, hell bent on killing me by sheer maximizing of my will, all the horrific exercises beat a lot of weight out me. The excess weight ran away in terror, I think. Just because I am a hard worker doesn’t give a trainer the right to dig into discover the limits to my abilities. The limits never came until the next day when movement illuded me all of a sudden. And then, here in this far away land of California I found myself living in all alone some years back, one amazing trainer invited me to her yoga class. From Michigan, we’ve not much use for yoga there in the small farming town I am from and I thought yoga was some mystic religion of whackos. I went because she seemed normal enough and I could always run out if it got into worshipping three headed toads or something. So, off I went, greatly skeptical and close to the door in case. We stretched. Then we stretched more. It was relaxing. She said we were working. That was unlike anything I had ever called work. We were resting, it was a breathing and relaxing class. A far cry from 2000 squats from earlier in the day, this was a little touch of heaven. Nothing hurt after or the next day. I still am uncertain of it being work to this day, but I sure feel amazing after a good yoga “workout” (snicker). So, the kids and I do yoga still now. Not quite as relaxing and sometimes quite funny with my daughter’s interpretation of a stretch or my son quitting early because it is too hard (I wonder if children have a lower tolerence for relaxation). So there it is. If you want to breathe better and become more flexible and feel like you are not even working, then yoga is worth a shot. Prepare to relax, though, and don’t forget your nap mat. 🙂

Exercising Genius

Having always fought the chub in my genetically endowed self all throughout life, and moreso when men and society started saying thin was in and fat was only cute in a cat, I of course exercised and still do. I sought personal trainers, went on websites, tried this fad program and this book on it. And the genius of exercise, I deduced, was finding something I actually wanted to do and doing that. I love tennis. I love swimming. Those things are readily available and I can do them. I walk and have a place close by so I do that. If I try too many other programs or things that don’t really interest me, I don’t do them for long, even with an exercise buddy. So there it is. Do what you like. Just do something. And your heart will be all the better for it (and so will your mood). Have a great day!!! 🙂

Walking the Me

Until we get a dog some day soon, our home is now canine free. The adorable little Yorkiepoo we enjoyed for a month has gone back home to my parents’ house for their therapeutic benefit and we walk her there. So, a couple days went by when I didn’t get to walk the dog first thing in the morning. I noticed the difference big time. This morning, just for kicks, I got up at 7am and walked myself. And after the walk and even now, I have lots more energy which I need caring for two households. So, from now on I will walk myself as religiously as I had been walking the dog. I think it is easy to work the spiritual aspects and get lined up in the morning spiritually for a new day but often the physical aspects of taking care of the bodies God entrusted to us get left behind. To be effective for the Lord, we have to take care of ourselves and have the energy available to us that will be required for His service today. When we serve ourselves by lazing about, it is restful and great but too much of that can drain your energy and yield you unable for service. And if our lives are not ready for service to God and others, we have huge problems which will carry over to our spiritual us too. I think there is not enough emphasis on serving the Lord and too few people doing too much of the work and that is not how it is supposed to work. Churches need to emphasize serving God and others (not just the church itself) and people need to serve to prove they are Christians or few will believe you are or that if you are, it doesn’t matter. Stop placating our lazy drives and selfish desires and go for the higher reward later (or maybe sooner) when Jesus returns. Let Him catch you doing something nice for someone. 🙂

Big Weight Loss

I have lost 39 pounds of post baby weight. I have about 30 more to go. How am I doing it? Am I using an expensive diet or personal trainer? Am I eating cardboard-flavored diet food or paying someone to divvy up tiny portions of food? Nope. There is nothing wrong with those things, whatever works for you and keeps you motivated is a good thing. I am… … dramatic pause… eating less and walking in the neighborhood more. Eat less, exercise more has always been how I got extra weight off. It is the winning combination. And I have been enlisting help of the absolute best and most powerful kind. I have called on God to help me with self-control and the Holy Spirit is my constant companion and self-control agent. He gives me contentment with less food. This allows me the freedom to just follow Him and be strengthened and comforted by Him and not have to rely on my own strength. He is available at no charge for the asking, so you are welcome to elicit His help. I know He would love that. Enjoy the ride! 🙂

The Exercist

I am from a family of genetically large individuals. Being the shortest of them all at a whopping 5’1″ in height, any extra weight I carry is obvious to all. More importantly, any extra weight decreases my energy. And since I have some to lose, one thing I am doing to obtain energy is exercise. Now, I have two young children full time all the time, so the only time I can exercise seriously is in the morning before my kids wake up. Thankfully, we have an exerciser in the house so this is possible. One thing I forgot to mention is that I am not a morning person. Those who know me are laughing right now at the gross understatement that is. I generally am not fit to speak to until I have at least one of my two morning cups of coffee. I have always been a night person. So, getting up in the morning is not as easy as it would be for say my husband, who is up bright and cheerfully at 5:30am whether he works that day or not. That boggles my mind. Anyway, I digress. The one thing I have discovered that helps me breathe better, be less stressed and have more energy is to get up early and exercise at least 30 minutes straight. When I do this, I have more energy in my day, wake up faster and breathe better. I believe physical fitness is not everything but it is something. We are created to be spiritual beings in a physical body and we need to care for that body, the Holy Spirit’s home, as we would the home we live in when we have company. (This is another reason for purity of body and mind.) So, I forge on through the horrors of waking while the sun is not yet up (truly horrifying) to accomplish a goal, which is ultimately to be prepared for whatever service God wants me to do for the day. He may want me to walk or run with someone to draw them to Himself, he may need me to hike a mountain with a group and minister to them, or he may just want me to be able to care for my granddaughter and parents as well as my husband and kids and homeschooling and lead worship, just as a random example. 🙂 We must be ready for whatever opportunities for service arise so we will be counted worthy in God’s kingdom. Exercising early for me works but anytime would do. Exercise time is a great opportunity to pray and get your mind right with the Lord. When we are faithful with what He entrusts to us, He blesses us and gives us more.