Be Faithful, Dads

I was just thinking about my daddy. He passed two years ago now and I often remember him fondly. His greatest legacy was one of faith. He was faithful. Not just was he a faithful husband to my mom but he was all in, faithful to the core to his faith, his family, his country, his beliefs, his land. He did not stop being what he believed in my whole life. And that is why I am the way I am and believe so strongly in being faithful, being all in to God, my family, my country, my beliefs. It carries down.

Be faithful, dads. You are doing great. Even if you screw up a bit, just swallow that pride and ask forgiveness.. wives and kids are in general very forgiving… and keep being faithful. Or start today to make that legacy to pass down, it is never too late. Just please do keep working at it. You are the head of your house/family and families are why America is so great. You are vitally important to make or break everything, which is proved by how heavily society is attacking you. Be courageous, be all in and be faithful. Like my daddy, the best man who ever walked the earth (other than the God-man Jesus, of course).❤

Encouragement at the Library

I am sitting here at the library in the kids section as my kids enjoy the books and computers and had set out to read a book, a luxury I hope someday to engage regularly, now being time-confined to thr Bible and a devotion here and there. However, I had to n put my book aside for a moment and let you know that I was just encouraged here at the library.

A man and a little boy passed me by, the daddy probably in mid thirties and the son around 2 1/2. The boy went to sit in a computer chair but the dad wanted to read to the son. Rather than reprimand, the good, wise dad made a game of it and walked around the corner and peeked around and whispered to the boy to find him. The boy got up immediately and went after him. That encouraged me. He kept it a positive experience and then read to him. This encouraged me that a man can be a good dad, be wise, lead his son, etc. I have to say I have seen a fair share of girly men of late, not caring or wanting to lead, feminite, lazy, selfish. I believe society’s evil has a goal along those ends. But when I see a manly man lead his son with wisdom and love, I am encouraged and impressed and have a hope that not everyone is playing along with the evil schemes of the devil and bad people. For men are designed to lead. Sure women can lead also, but the crux of the matter is that men are designed for work and leadership in their homes and with their kids. And when I see it, I am encouraged. Great job, good daddy!

Now back to my book… Unbroken by Lauren Hillenbrand.❤

The Virtue Line VS Dead Beat Dads

I am a child of God and love Him so much. I try to follow His will in my life and His instructions from His Word. But when I see dead beat dads, the most selfish and vile of all creatures, it instructions hard for me to keep my mouth shut and just pray for their sorry behinds. If you make a child together, it instructions as not cool, not okay, not Godly, not acceptable to go out and play and have your own way while the wife does everything, even paying. What narcissistic God of yourself are you serving that says you are free to go play and the momma has to go sit at home alone, rejected and now burdened with complete care of a child in every way. How is that in any way, shape or form fair? That is no man but a rotten spoiled boy. Absolutely pathetic. I cannot tell you how disgusting that is and how low would any creature in the world be to sleep with the likes of that, spoiled selfish brat boy. So you see my dilemma? How do I stand up for justice and still maintain my Godly dignity and love? If anyone has any ideas, please shoot them to me. Meanwhile, if you are a deadbeat dad, man up and step up to the plate. It is never too late to quit running away to play and start being a contributing father to your child’s life and their mother’s sanity.

Fiercely Devoted Forever

My dad taught me loyalty and faithfulness. It is a lesson he lived and I learned his lesson through watching. Only a few lessons did he give up as words of wisdom. No, he taught me through his actions, through his day in and day out supporting his family and taking care of us and protecting us and being faithful to my mom, despite her condition. He also taught generosity this way, through experience, but I firmly believe generosity extends to loyalty and faithfulness. You have to give up something to stick with one person and not waver in that commitment. Often this is hard to find now. People don’t give up their whims and wants and immediate pleasures for anyone, regardless of the commitment level. It sucks really. But I learned it. I didn’t always follow all my life but I did once I realized by mistake and now do in my heart of hearts. To those I love and am committed to caring for, I have always been and am still right here for them and will remain so the entirety of my life. It is how I am made and what I was taught. And I firmly believe that every single person that decides to also be generously loyal and faithful is one more exception to the rule and one more light shining in this dark world. And maybe we can either start a trend or just be the lesson people need to see to want that joy of fulfillment loyalty and faithfulness brings, especially when it costs something. We need moments of sacrifice in our lives to do what is right. Love costs something, has to to prove its validity. Any moron can love someone when it is fun or convenience only. If you can’t ride through some storms together, there is no other way to prove you are loving them for real and through difficulties too. It is worth trying. Appreciation follows rather than doubt.Love reciprocates rather than mistrust. It is beautiful.

In Honor of Dads

To all of who having not only fathered a child but been there to support and be a daddy to said child, thank you on behalf of society. To my daddy, I love you for always providing for us and instructing me how to work on my car. That knowledge has paid off time and time again. And for supporting me in my songs and singing and playing the piano, I thank you for that gift. I know you always expected me to succeed, to do more than most and I have because of your belief in me, thank you. To all dads who provide and cherish and encourage their kids, please continue even when it gets hard. It means everything to your kids. They may not always realize it but it is true. You rock!