Be Faithful, Dads

I was just thinking about my daddy. He passed two years ago now and I often remember him fondly. His greatest legacy was one of faith. He was faithful. Not just was he a faithful husband to my mom but he was all in, faithful to the core to his faith, his family, his country, his beliefs, his land. He did not stop being what he believed in my whole life. And that is why I am the way I am and believe so strongly in being faithful, being all in to God, my family, my country, my beliefs. It carries down.

Be faithful, dads. You are doing great. Even if you screw up a bit, just swallow that pride and ask forgiveness.. wives and kids are in general very forgiving… and keep being faithful. Or start today to make that legacy to pass down, it is never too late. Just please do keep working at it. You are the head of your house/family and families are why America is so great. You are vitally important to make or break everything, which is proved by how heavily society is attacking you. Be courageous, be all in and be faithful. Like my daddy, the best man who ever walked the earth (other than the God-man Jesus, of course).❤

Prime Parenting

When you want a steak, often any old steak will do, but sometimes you want the best. Then you order prime rib. And you get that delicious flavor that tells you, “Yes, you just paid way too much precious money for any red meat but it was worth every penny.” When I ponder parenting my two precious children, I want to be a prime parent. I want to be the best parent God ever made. Why? Because my kids are worth it? Well, that’s not it because every child is worth millions because God made and loves them and they reflect His awesomeness. Is it because my kids are better than any other kids? Nope, I am not that naive. They sure are good when I’m watching but time will tell what they end up doing when my back is turned. I want to be a prime parent for the same reason I want to mow the lawn excellently or cut my kids hair wonderfully or teach excellently. The reason is that I am working for the Lord and not anyone else whenever I do anything. If I’m called to take out the trash, I want to do it with all my heart. If I’m called to trim trees, I will strive to be the best tree trimmer. If I am given the task of rearing my children, I want to do it excellently. What does that look like? Probably not what you’d expect because every child is different and each one will rise to his or her own potential for their own motivation based on their own love language. Prime parents do not choose favorites but they choose paths for their kids to go down that suit them and their needs, drives and passions. And the whole while, prime parents teach all their children heavy doses of Biblical teaching based on love and prayers and hugs and kisses. Prime parents also don’t pamper but teach, don’t push but encourage, don’t criticize but instruct, don’t nag but are firm, don’t let their children rule the house but do make them feel important. I want to be a great parent because God is worth it.

Parenting Purpose

This funny thing happened a couple days ago. Some kids got together and decided to use a baseball bat to destroy our plants out front. They were whimpy kids, so they didn’t cause any real damage, but I notified the sheriff and he gave them a stern talking to. My point was that a little fear of God needs to be inserted into their lives before they grow up thinking they can do anything that pops into their heads. If my kid were doing such a thing, I would want him disciplined. Instead of the two sets of parents involved using the opportunity to teach their kids respect for people’s property or anything like that, they dismissed it and called all 4 witnesses liars. Lesson not supported and not learned and one of us will see those kids later in life doing something worse if it continues unchecked. The moral of this story is this: the purpose of parenting is to bring up God’s designed children that He has entrusted to your care to walk with Him all their lives. These little blessings are not yours really, they are God’s masterpieces, entrusted to us to nurture and teach and bring up in the Lord Jesus Christ’s teachings. Hopefully the teaching sticks and they become healthy, joyful adults some day with maybe a spouse and children of their own that they raise the same way. That is the idea. Is this an unsentimental approach to rearing up your children? By no means. It is very Biblical. Parents often wish to control their children, and our focus should be to train them to control themselves. Kids learn best by example. They will listen to what you say but do what you do. So, this approach to child rearing is actually very hands on and very sentimental because it is a blessing to be a part of another human being’s life and help influence their decisions and thought processes and point them to their Creator. It requires a great deal of energy and thought but the payoff is great when one day we stand before the Lord and He says we did good. Look to that goal for renewed strength and motivation.