To the Fathers

Happy Father’s Day to any and every man who loves as Jesus loved, sacrificially, manly, strong, humbly, faithfully, gently. To every man like that who cares for his or other’s children, you are amazing and I love you for it! Props and love to all you men who are real men and love and provide for and protect children. That is what God intended and it super sexy when you obey Him in it. So very cool! Keep up the magnificent work! Happy, blessed Father’s Day!!❤❤

P.S. Miss you so very much, Daddy!❤❤❤❤

Happy Father’s Day!

To every man who cares for his child/children, and loves them and provides for them day in and day out, working for their benefit, sacrificing what he wants for the needs of his family, and leading the family in Godliness, I salute you. You thus have the rare moral character and courage that our country was founded upon and made from since. Thank you from every bone of my body. May your father’s day and every day be blessed by God. Keep doing what you are doing. You have my respect and matter so very much!!❤

Father’s Day

I have put off talking about this Father’s Day because it is my first year where I am on this planet and he is in heaven. I am happy that he is happy. I celebrate that he is celebrating. But the little girl in me wishes to be wrapped up in my Daddy’s strong arms, the most (and maybe only) secure and loving place on Earth. My Daddy worked a lot but he was the best Daddy God made. And talking about it, I am already crying like a baby. And Grandpa went to sing with him in heaven a few months ago, so there are no grandparents anymore either. And it would be a complete cry day with sad movie and bon bons and wine except that my husband is still with us. So I will force myself to focus on the living and I really do appreciate my husband, who takes such good care of us and not only loves our daughter but takes great care of my son, as his dad cannot do because he cannot keep a job and married a psychopath with three sons (one of which is good). So Steve stepped up and became a stable father for him and has financially cared for him also and teaches him what father’s teach their sons and loves on us all just the same. So he is my focus and I will avoid focusing on my Daddy or will be mourning all day. I choose optimism and will celebrate a good man loving the fire out of our kids! To all the good men out there loving on your kids, thank you, you are it and keeping things together in the Lord, and keep up the good work! Happy Father’s Day!!! ❤

In Honor of Dads

To all of who having not only fathered a child but been there to support and be a daddy to said child, thank you on behalf of society. To my daddy, I love you for always providing for us and instructing me how to work on my car. That knowledge has paid off time and time again. And for supporting me in my songs and singing and playing the piano, I thank you for that gift. I know you always expected me to succeed, to do more than most and I have because of your belief in me, thank you. To all dads who provide and cherish and encourage their kids, please continue even when it gets hard. It means everything to your kids. They may not always realize it but it is true. You rock!

A Mixed Bag of a Day

Each day always contains moments of beauty as well as moments of badness. Every day has a little of both. What you focus on most determines whether you are considered an optimist or pesimist. However, extremes are not the focus here. I am about both. Sometimes you have to take one with the other. Today, being Father’s Day, I spent some time with my loved Daddy with Kathleen, my little daughter. She and I went to visit Daddy in the nursing home with our little gift and found he was in the activities room having a Father’s Day celebration with other residents. So we went down there with our little dresses on from church and found him in there with about 10 other guys and one warm hearted nurse’s aid trying to entertain them and serve them snacks and cheer them up. So, we arrived and jumped right in of course and Kathleen and I started serving the men their snacks and talking and singing and helped the best we could. But with dementia, you always wonder how much gets through because your efforts are met primarily with stares and vacant expressions. And there is my dad who still loves eating. She served chips and salsa and mini cakes. On the same plate, of course, because who wouldn’t really? lol. And I help open everyone’s salsa packets and come back to check on dad and he is dipping his chips in his salsa and eating and then dipping his cake into his salsa and eating it. And it hit me out of the blue like a whack with a plank to the forehead out of nowhere. Daddy is fading fast. So the pleasure we had in serving and entertaining him was momentarily derailed. Kathleen and I finished our visit and I dropped her off at home before I left to pick up my son from his dad’s about an hour away (without traffic, which there always is so is usually double that). And I am off alone and on the highway and the vision of dad dipping his cake into his salsa and eating it proved too much for my little brain and I exploded in heaving sobs. The commute did end up being double time from the traffic not crying because apparently a car was on fire and no one could go around. But then I was able to pick up my son and it was good to have him back. I do love my children. So Father’s Day was really good and really bad, depending on the hour you ask about. And I think all of life is like that. You cannot appreciate the good without experiencing the bad too. You cannot enjoy peace without work. You cannot appreciate love without some hate as contrast. So, long story short, good and bad happen to everyone every day and you have to appreciate both for the fullest life and peace and then joy. Do not wish for one without the other. It will not happen and you will add disappointment to your list of things in a day. No, there must be both. Make peace with it. Embrace it. Then the bad things will become shorter lived or seem less important and the good will seem more good. And happy Father’s Day to those who have lost their Daddy. So hard sometimes. Tomorrow will be better.