O For A Thousand Tongues to Sing

Praising God is not a momentary pause in the day to flatter God to get something. In leading worship, I have seen that behavior. Like people are doing God a favor by telling Him He is good. As if He has some human doubts of His greatness. God does not need us to praise Him to boost His fragile ego. We need to live a lifestyle of acknowledgement (verbally and internally) that reflects God as the perfect Creator so we keep ourselves in check and proper perspective. In a world that belittles and undervalues the treasures of contrition and meekness and celebrates self love and personal accomplishments, we need desperately to keep our Creator’s real goodness and power and love in the forefront of our brain. We are not telling God something He does not know when we praise Him. We remind ourselves of His importance and our smallness and when we get that, He is pleased with our correct attitude and spiritual alignment. Our praises are as incense to him because our praise tells Him we are obeying and acknowledging the truth about Him. The Creator is greater than the created, and praise is a verbal and internal demonstration of our acknowledgement of that. It also is a pretty phenomenal idea to constantly be in a running dialogue and praise mode. Not only are we better, more thankful people but we are also less prone to screwup and sin. When in the presence of our perfect Creator in truth, we will feel His eyes fixed on us and will not want to disappoint Him by sinning pridefully. 🙂

The Fighting Fish

There is a delightful tetra fish in our tank that has come to the end of its life. However, as close as it is to death, it is fighting hard. What goes through the mind of our scaly friends is beyond me or if heaven is their home or they are just a passing through is another mystery. But what I find inspiring is both how hard it is fighting to live and how much his little scaly friends are swimming beside him, seeming to encourage him. Or they are just hungry. Nevertheless, a fighter he is. Something in him keeps moving forward when being taken down. I like to think it is a touch or fingerprint of the Creator who is life. It inspires and encourages the no matter what is dragging you down, the touch of the Creator is there to promote life and keep you afloat.