Proud Social Moments

Today, I was socially cautious and ambiguous in a crowd! We had our first 4-H meeting today and lots of people were there and I sat back and watched and listened quietly. This excites me very much because usually in my haste to make friends, I frighten people and talk too much, I radiate the room, without meaning to. It is generally not good and generally gets me into trouble. Silence has been my goal, ambiguity. I want to be the fearless leader God made me to be but I am learning to temper that with wisdom and know when to speak and when to remain silent. That is the key. But Yay for little accomplishments. One must celebrate tiny victories along the way. 😄❤

I Got Rhythm but My Rhyme Hurts

Don’t you love songs that don’t rhyme? No? Well, you’re not alone. Most people want songs to rhyme. Who cares about content, who cares if your rhythm is amazing and melodies kick it. Rhyme is the thing. Imagine what would happen if rap songs no longer rhymed. Wow, I think guys would pull their pants up and try to find the culprit really fast. Oddly, I worked very briefly with one producer who had written songs in his hay day based on rhyming words, whether they made sense or not. Didn’t take me long to leave his studio and never look back. Now I prefer songs not to rhyme all the time. There is a meaning then without quite so much predictability. So when writing songs for me, the rhythme, the tambre, the melody, the harmonies, the chords, the meaning of the songs, the feeling the song invokes, all matter so much more than the rhyme. In fact, and don’t tell anyone, songs don’t even have to have words (gasp) to be great. See Green Onions or Apache or Sleepwalk, for example. And for all those of you who do not write songs and could care less or understand more about what I am speaking, let me hit this up front… In life, how you flow through your experiences, how smoothly you breeze by, how much sense it makes at the time, how it rhymes and ties together, all these bits of you, matter extremely little apart from the fact that you are here now. You kept time, you stayed on the rhythm of your heartbeat and made it through, with or without being the way everyone expected everything to go. You may have defied the norms to become something greater than them, like me not rhyming but still writing music. You may have hit some walls and sometimes not made sense or saw a way out, but by golly you found one. God got you to this spot where you are reading this. And no matter how often you rhymed or lived up to expectations of life and society, you did indeed live, so you kept a tempo, you invoked a mood, a feeling. You should be extensively proud of the beauty of you and the grace of God to help you be where you are and learn all you have to be exactly who you are. You are unique because of your experiences and God could not love you more. So celebrate your journey and may it always have rhythm and maybe sometimes rhyme too. 🙂

On Celebrating Life

Our daughter turned five years old today. We had a good party day with her and she got her very first bike with training wheels. As she started out riding it, it didn’t come very easily to her. But as she continued resting then trying again, each time it got easier until by the end of the day, she was a genuine biker. Practice makes perfect may be one take home lesson from this but afar more light hearted and fun lesson is just to enjoy celebrating life. We as followers of Christ and His truthful way have the most reasons of everyone to celebrate. We walk around all solemn and holy when we seem rather built to party and dance and sing and celebrate God and His creation, including us. We can not show hope and peace and joy to others that God has given us. Abundance with frowny faces and fingers pointing. Life is amazingly fun a d beautiful and we need to party more. Even in the face of terrible persecution around the world, we must keep celebrating our blessed hope of eternity with our Creator God, all the more as we see the day approaching the world has every reason to be sad but we have every reason to be glad and rejoice! Show it!

When Your Bananas Brown

Of course, you make bread. When your bananas brown, you make bread. It is just that simple. When things go in a way that is inevitable but you don’t want to think about, you make the most of it. When the eggs don’t get scrambled, you make an omelet. You get the food analogy thing. It is important to know that we live in a world where things are going wrong. They are going wrong because it is inevitable that they do, we are warned that things are going to go wrong until Jesus returns, which is soon, folks. So, what do we do? Cry that we worked hard and it’s not going right? No. That would be silly because we already know that will be the case. We change our hat, flex our agendas and celebrate the soon coming of our King. Aslan will return. The King with come back. We do not mourn inconvenience for the moment. No, we are followers of the truth. We anticipate the forever after this brief bad spell. There will be joys along the way if we are flexible and look for them. My friend and mentor Char Pierson used to say that we are supposed to be “Flexible to the point of liquidity but not vaporization.” I like that. It’s not so bad when problems come. We know they will. It is pretty incredible that we are seeing the moments before the greatest event of history (after the birth and resurrection/re-birth, that is). Don’t mourn your bananas going brown. Make bread and enjoy each morsel.

A Bull by the Horns

Headlong I barrelled against the forces that destroy. My God is my Champion Bullfighter and I went along for the ride today. It is not always the case that vigor and energy unite and forge against the bulls charging me but today, I met my opponent headlong and stood strong. Standing is sometimes all we can do. Today, I might have even made a few inches forward. With caretaking two parents, one because he is now more childlike than not with dementia and one who complains and demands, and the immense load I continually seem to have to bear unwillingly on a day to day basis it seems, two young children who need me, a husband close to recovery from knee surgery, neighbor children drama, hot weather on painting outside day and bugs, my day was full of charging bulls. And I say thank You, God, for being my Champion today. We made it through and even a little ahead and I am thankful for it. That is all, I want to bask in this moment. Tomorrow will bring a new series of bulls charging as time is growing to a close for them to have opportunity to take me and my family down. But I know the secret to successful bullfighting. I know the Champion Bullfighter personally and I know that He has already killed these bulls, they just don’t want to go down gracefully… they want to take as many down as possible as they go. It is pathetic. Some days I barely stand but my secret Champion is always with me for as soon as my distracted self remembers it again. I need to keep alert and prepared, and on days like this I need to bask and celebrate. God is good all the time. He is the only One who is. Praise God He loves us!