Thinking of Shrinking

I am not an antique quite yet but I am old enough to realize that in our society, my importance will continue to decline. Old age in our culture, far from how it should be, I must say, every year is a shrinking in importance, in strength, in value. The more wrinkles should equal thr moments you want to be listening to all the sage wisdom she possesses, but alas in our backwards Hollywood and fashion/materialism promotion, ever wrinkle is more a reason to ignore, shun or ridicule.

I am considering this. I have much study on the topic, having served primarily elderly patience for 20 years and now personally I am older. I am thinking of shrinking. I saw patients deteriorate in health before my eyes and I know full well the families were either wonderfully supportive, reluctantly civil or downright brutal in response to this age increase. Doctors were also in one of those 3 categories, most adding meds upon meds for every symptom known to man with God knows 2hat side effect for such crazy combinations. Men and women with greatness God gave them and abilities galore, way stronger than I could hope to be, now shrinking, quiet, fading.

I realize I am unusual, but I respect them and wish to honor them. I spend more time with them than my schedule tells me to and ask questions, always questions. Who were they? How had God designed them and what did they do with that? Not every person matures, it is true, but most lived long enough to pick up valuable insight or just historical data to sparkle the mind.

So, when offered a chance to play the piano for some sweet dears once a month in a senior living facility, how would it be possible to say no? It is not. Those who went before us built this country so we can be who we are and live as we do. We are often pampered pets because of their blood, sweat and tears. And such a position demands respect and value and love. I do not want them to shrink alone, neglected. I want them to sparkle until the sparkle leaves their eyes naturally in sleep.❤

Thank You

I believe saying polite words is respectful and loving. “Thank you”, “Please”, “After you”, “My pleasure”, “Pleased to meet you,” “Have a nice day,” “God bless you”, these words can mean the day to people. People feel honored when they hear these words. They can also be Jesus to the people who receive them. They can see the heart behind the words cares. Christians must speak using these words conaistently, be a good habit. Words and respect matters to people. They matter to me also. ❤

Happy Mother’s Day

A lot of women get really psyched up about Mother’s Day. At the risk of becoming very unpopular, I am not one. Every day I am a mother, every day I am proud of my babies, every day I honor my mom. It is another day. Many argue with that. I think if you save up all your honor and respect for one day, you are doing it wrong. And likewise, every day fathers should be honored and respected. Case in point: the Barbie cartoon series is no longer allowed in this house because they have the man coming across as majorly effeminate and the kids is smarter than them all. It is a complete reversal of Biblical values and kids are being brainwashed into thinking this is fact. So it is banned and so is every other show that pushes the same agenda. Watch what your kids are watching. Anyway, happy mother’s day to you who celebrate it and may your joy be complete every day at the site of your children and evidence of their love for God. Be blessed every day!❤


A very long time ago, I babysat a girl. It was my one and only time babysitting her. I used to wonder what I had done wrong that they never asked me again. Many families with 4 kids or 2 kids were quite pleased with my babysitting, paid me extra, wanted me back. I was in demand and every weekend in those days was booked. But this one family with this one girl never had me watch her again. Why? And she popped back into my mind. I called her by her name, Rose. She was quite wild and I did not want her hurt or the house damaged so I made her sit with me and draw. She was quite good at it. I had her help me wash dishes while I told a story or sang to her (as she was 9). And she was a doll the whole time I was there. As soon as her parents stepped through the door, she was wild again, like a completely different person, almost possessed. The dad laughed at her crazy and said, “That’s why we call her Wildfire.” I left, boggled and all these years did not understand it all until now. I remember their surprise at her beautiful picture, their almost disdain at her helping with dishes, her calm demeanor they glanced before she realized they had arrived home. They wanted a wild child, a spoiled princess they could laugh at, be entertained by. She was their entertainment. I infringed upon that and showed her a different way without realizing it. I did right by that beautiful little girl and they wanted wrong and it all started with the name. Wildfire. Not sweet Rose. And I love and respect children and demand they love and respect others and themselves and it starts with names. Children tend to live up to what they are called and treated and what their name means. Please understand that and make a point to be purposeful in your talk to people. Only encourage and lift up. “Tell God your problems and bad stuff, tell other people everything else” is very, very good advice I heard from advice wise woman of God.❤

Props for My Husband

I don’t fawn over my husband because that is not his thing not because he is not a wonderful husband and very good man. I respect him and love him dearly because for the past seven years we have been married and even before that when we were dating, he has always opened the door for me, has always taken care of me, been a great Father to my son from a previous marriage and our daughter, played with me in bands through many musician band family members who have come and gone, providing a common hobby and deep musical history. We have walked through fire together, through distractions and horrible accusations by a demonic figure of a person, through an ex no paying child support for 3 1/2 years and finally court. Sounds like a lot of drama, but that was spread over 7 years and we are fairly peaceful lately with busy but quiet lives since he retired. And no marriage is all roses but ours is steady and respectful and my husband is a great conversationalist, loves God, loves me, shares my love of travel and is a great thinker and teacher. So here is to my wonderful husband. I love you, honey. Thank you so much for all you do and sharing your life with me! What a ride!