Guarding our Words

Too many flippant or sarcastic words have come out of my mouth, infortunately. I realize it has been my greatest sin. I read again recently where we will have to give an account for every careless word we have said into eternity. That is sobering. So, I decided to repent and confess all those times to Christ for forgiveness and commit that verse to memory so I have that strong motivation to make me pause and guard my words before they come out. Words matter. And people need encouragement not sarcasm. They need truth instead of someone being right. God wants to hear praises too and not a constant wants list. Let’s guide our words and be a refreshing light to the dark world around us.❤

Watch Out for the Smart Ones

The dumb people of this world, bless their hearts, are easy to spot. You just listen for their nonstop opinions on things they know little if anything about. And then there’s the idiotic behavior they exhibit proudly and the moronic and dangerous way they drive. They are easy to avoid or at least recognize so protection against their schemes and slander is easy. The smart ones are much more cunning and clever. This can be a very good thing if harnessed properly but a very horrible thing if not. The smart and quieter ones hide stuff. They keep their secrets and lies mingled. They bottle up their emotions and express their anger or jealously in quiet and patient ways, often calculating and obsessing about it. This smart ones who choose to lie figure our exactly what might work and the lies flow like butter. You never quite know where you stand. Of course this is all working under the assumption that people would actually choose to do things that are wrong, aka sin. You see, in these days, people will be lovers of self, following any whim and desire that pops into their heads, regardless of consequences or how it makes anyone else feel. This appears to be true of everyone (Christian and non-Christian alike) who is not purposefully serving and worshipping and focusing on God. I see it everywhere, in about every home. Even Christian (supposedly) homes, spouses often focus on their own desires rather than serving God and their spouse/family. This should not be. The dumb ones at least warn you of their thoughts by actively revealing them to you. The “smart” ones sneak and peek and say one thing and do whatever they want whenever there is a cover up to be had- which there always is because lies are always in great supply. The enemy, the father of lies, sees to that. So, guard your hearts, dear ones, for the you only can control and know your own. Leave the rest to God and shine in the face of everything else. You are a treasure, no matter what battle you face. You are loved, no matter who treats you unkindly. You are amazing, no matter who treats you as less than amazing.

Power of Movies

I love movies. Very few people that I know do not. Why? Because it stirs the imagination and takes you places you would probably never go in real life. Tonight we saw Hunger Games for the first time and it made me think. We also saw the second newish Star Trek, and that also makes you think. There is wonderful delights and insights to be gained by delving into humanity and thinking about the strength and weakness (often in the same breath) of a person. That being said and being entirely true, there are movies I will not see because they push the mind towards an evil bent or push your mind (if is can be pushed) in a direction and thought pattern I would not like it to go. Evil is very real and the fight for our minds and souls is forever underway. This is why God cautions us to always guard our hearts. As such, we guard our minds because what is in the mind breaks into the will and heart inadvertantly. We MUST take care to whom we give admittance to our mind and heart. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks and the author writes. If the workmanship is evil, so it the heart and mind that conceived it. Yes, I will continue to love movies, but yes, I will continue to guard my heart. And if movies keep trying to corrupt the mind, I will simply watch those wholesome movies that I supported by purchasing them.