As I Wonder

Since childhood, I have wondered about everything. It is a wonder I am still alive, to be truthful, as my curiosity has often crossed my fearlessness into daring and wreck less experiments just to see what would happen. I lived searching out truth. I wanted to know everything, how it works, how to fix it, how to make people’s lives better, how to make things easier for people. I have invented a number of things and written many songs (stopped counting after 400). I just want to do something new, is there anything new to do, has everything been thought of, is there no original thought left to be made, how does it all work, why did God makenit m like that, what purpose does that make? All these questions randomly pop into my brain. In childhood, I had more leisure time to wonder. I also had a very big, dangerous park close by which was not safe by any standards in thr late 1970’s to experiment with. (Consequently, serious shout out to my amazing and very strong and fast guardian angel, you rock and thank you!)

I still wonder about things, but I have so many responsibilities and distractions and family to care for that I have lately only had time to n ponder spiritual matters. What is heaven like, how will we recognize each other without bodies, do I pray enough for forgiveness of thoughtless sins, have the seeds I have n planted or watered in people’s souls helped lead them tosalvation, is the world better or worse for my having lived here, have my bad choices made me less effective a Christian? So many questions.

The good news is that God that I love and that loves me knows all these answers and I do not have to. Someday I will be able to ask in person and that is just an incredible thought. The more questions I have, the more I read my Bible and am satisfied. So as I wonder, I do so tongue in cheek, with great faith that the answers will be uncovered sooner than later and I am in God’s capable.hands in the meanwhile. Praise God!😄❤❤❤

I Wonder at Night

During the day, I am very busy. This is an extremely busy season of our lives. I keep busy, I have no choice. But at night, alone and quiet in my bed, the rest of the house asleep and dreaming sweet or weird dreams as they may. That is when my wondering happens. Right before dreams come to me, I have thoughts. I wonder about all kinds of things. Some are beautiful and good, magnificent and praiseworthy things. Some are dark and mysterious, bordering on temptations. And this is when I have to stop the turn made and double back to good again. I cannot do this on my own. The Holy Spirit in me is powerful enough to tame my rambling mind and kick out what was kicked out hundreds of times before and reverse direction to godly wonder. It is not for me to choose what to think about, it is for me to contritely obey God when He said to think about things that are good and honorable and praiseworthy. That was commanded. So I need to constantly check my thought wondering and especially at night when it is hardest, obey God with the powerful help of the Holy Spirit. He helps every time I really want Him to and convicts me when I don’t. What a gift He is!!❤❤❤

The Eyes of Wonder

Eyes of wonder capture the beauty in everything. They see the expression on each face. They notice eyes that cry and smile. They balance colors and appreciate the variety. Eyes of wonder evaluate their environment, see every detail, notice every part and yet long to keep studying it. Eye of wonder appreciate the artistry involved in all of creation and so appreciate their Creator more. Eyes of wonder are naturally in children. A child’s eyes captures wonder in ways we cannot as adults. However, there is a way we adults can still have this soulful curiosity about nature, about God, about people. One way is to think like a child. A child dwells in the present. It takes a long time to teach future consequences to a child because the present moment is the most important moment ever in a child. The past doesn’t matter much to them either for quite a few years. Children are also not so full of agendas. Play and observation time are valued higher than eating or staring at entertainment boxes until they are taught and conditioned differently. We adults can slow down, simplify our schedules and lives and appreciate the moments we live. We too can have eyes of wonder which can help us see things and people as God sees them and respond accordingly where we may be able to help. We must embrace this quest. It is vital to growth and beauty.

Church Option

I wonder what would happen if someone not drawing a salary started a church in an already owned building and called it “The Saved Sinners’ Church”. No denomination. Only the Bible read and people praying and singing songs and hymns and have communion together. I wonder if it would start a revival. I wonder if people would not go because they wouldn’t admit to being sinners at one time. I wonder what would happen if everyone’s tithe went out directly to help feed the homeless and help the faithful strugglers with bills. I wonder what that would look like… if anyone would  benefit from such a radical church. I wonder if anyone has the passion for the Lord and resources already to attempt this. I wonder.