It Begins

I like to wait to get Christmas festive as long as possible because for me, when it lasts two or more months, it is less special so dishonors it a bit for marketing purposes. I get why but I guess I object a tad at consumerism rather than Birthday celebrationism. But that is just me, I’m weird. Lol But I am forced now to get in the spirit early for we play a big hoity toity convention Christmas party in two days and I play a wedding that morning. So double booked and oh what fun it is! 🎩🎹📡😎❤ So here we go, all festive and bright by hook or crook and let the party begin!!! If you don’t hear from me tomorrow or Saturday, now you know why. Lol No worries, I will write again. Tee hee! Love you! 😄❤

Hello, Everyone!

People from 54 different countries have read my blogs this month. 54! That is mind boggling! So, I wanted to say… Hi, everyone! I have traveled extensively and have family all over the world and love learning about everyone everywhere, so please leave a comment and teach me something about your country. I am Tonya and live in Central Florida. It is hot here, in the 90’s now because summer is here. 🙂 I love God dearly and am married to a good man and have two beautiful but active children. I am a doctor but only do consultations now as we opted for me to stay home and homeschool the kids, which is wonderful as we can do extra art, music, playing and serving God together in our community. Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself and hope you do the same back. Thank you for reading my thoughts and words. Love you so much. God loves you even more! ❤

Beautiful Surprises

So, driving home from Winn Dixie tonight, here was my view. And I thought, the only thing better than the ice cream I just got for the family to top off Father’s Day was this gorgeous scene my Heavenly Father painted. Wow! I wanted to share it and just brag on God a little bit. He sure paints beautiful sunset surprises!

Contemplations on God

I was praying and wanted to share this really cool, “Wow!” moment I just had. Lucky you I am an extrovert and just have to tell everybody good news. Lol Here is my thought. God made everyone. Yes, so far nothing new. And we are all very different with different personalities, life experiences, needs, gifts, goals, etc. A little better right? Here is the wow: God can hear and has already answered every prayer of every single diverse person in a way that is best for them now and in the future in their own language and understanding and wisdom and knowledge level at the same time as everyone else. And wants prayers even more often. And it hit me how immense that is and how amazing and big and fantastic and smart and loving that is!!!! Wow, right??!! ❤❤❤