When Searching the World

I have searched the world. I have met such a large diversity of unique people that I have loved all around the world. I have traveled and searched all over. Always looking. Always exploring. Always wondering what was next. I found I was searching for my identity, trying to see who I was like of my vast array of ingredients I am made of. Hungarian, French, English, Aboriginal American Indian, Swedish, German, Scotch- Irish, and much of my family living in Africa. Which part is me? Where do I fit in?

It struck me that I am unique. There is no one like me. No one that I am like. I am weird. And really, I am an exquisite coctail of all these brave and successful descendents but fully God’s special built me. And I fit in with Him and pretty much that is what really matters most. More than that I am loved deeply by Him, no matter what. So I don’t have to keep searching. There is no right fit. I am beautifully weird everywhere except in God’s arms.❤


Ok Now

You are not “going to be ok someday”. You are ok now. You are beautiful and pain is part of the journey, loss is part of the journey, screwing up and repenting to start over is part of the journey, illness is part of the journey, all as much as love is part of the journey. It is important to change our perspective to keep on track and stay on the beautiful journey designed just for beautifully created you. You are ok now. In fact, you are purposefully and beautifully designed and creates by a perfect God who believes you can and should do what He designed you to do. And modification and realignment is part of the journey. You are beautiful, baby. Even if you feel ugly or some selfish monster tells you you are. God says otherwise and His Word trumps everything. You can believe Him. But keep on your precious, important journey. Keep going. It is part of it and you are beautifully ok now. Keep going with God’s help. ❤

Equipped to Serve

God designs us to serve Him and others in a particular way. Some to parenting, some to decoration, some to worship, some to organization, some to public speaking, whatever the case. God loves variety and loves us. We are given an innate gift to serve. Our task to honor God is to find and use it joyfully. Each person and each gift is beautiful! ♥

Walking Home

This beautiful red shouldered hawk landed by us as we were walking home from the store. Such a beautiful bird. And while it was too far away for a great shot, this was descent and I marvel at the great detail God put into such a bird. All of them, really. All of us too, really. Such masterpieces! Praise God!❤

Beauty Like the Oleander

There is beauty in this world because our Creator is full of glory/beauty. The idea of beauty has changed over the years to now mean physical attractiveness, the prettiness and symmetry of the physical body, the shell, regardless of the substance and makeup of the hear, soul, mind and spirit of a person. And this becomes the goal. Look pretty, be seen as pretty, have people look at us, selfies galore, “I am pretty so I matter.” And this is only a teeny tiny part of the beauty God designed in us, and really the least important part. Like those who have been disfigured or just even less lustly attractive/asymmetric in some way. Are they less beautiful? Heavens no, they have the same mind, the same soul and the same spirit. Here is our greater impact of God’s fingerprint. We are nothing if not unique displays of God’s glory/beautiful! We are His will, His plan. We are made for Him because of Him. We cannot get around that. Those who focus on the shell alone and how lust full they are when looking at that shell are like gardeners who take great pleasure of the beauty of the oleander, despite how poisonous every part of that plant is- leaves, stems, flowers. All, if ingested, will kill you and if touched can irritate the skin or blind you. That external, superficial beauty alone means nothing in the light of eternity, do not desire it. The beauty/glory of God shines out most powerfully in the focus of attention and energy on perfecting the soul, mind and spirit He made just for you.❤

The Beauty of Separation

Sometimes, as has happened in my life and so many others I know of, a separation occurs. A betrayal or abandonment or broken promise. Sometimes it is in a marriage where one decides to up and leave, sometimes a close friend drops you unexpectedly like a bad habit, sometimes you are fired all of a sudden. I believe it is worse where emotional attachments and history together have accumulated. But whatever the betrayal, it is very common in our out for me kind of culture we are finding ourselves in. And when confronted with such a deep wound and heavy heartache, which you feel will literally kill you from the brokenness, you want to say or scream or cry different messages to the offender at different times. You really want to have kept things as they were or stayed in the relationship or what have you and that one-sidedness is what hurt the most maybe. It is a blatant rejection, and you question yourself and everyone and nothing makes sense anymore for a while, it was about a year for me. At a year, I reflected and learned this… there is a beauty in separation you can sometimes obtain in no other way. When someone was removed from your life, quite often God knew something that you did not, maybe about their moral character or your unhealthy over-attachment or their financial insufficiencies or your struggle with them to be who you were meant to be or what have you. There are a myriad of reasons we may not even be aware of. For instance, a man God saved me from that at the time I believed was perfect for me I later ended up finding out he had been a wife beater and cheater and dead beat dad and lived off of women. Yuck! I was young and naive and blindly in deep love but God saved me despite my protests and saved me again and then comforted me and brought me close to Himself. That would never have happened had the painful at the time separation never occurred. So my point is that God knows full well what is best for you and you can trust Him explicitely. He’s got your back. You cannot see what is in another person’s heart but God can and does. And if your heart must be broken to make something much more beautiful from it, it is well worth the pain and God comforts and gives peace and joy as He heals you. God can be trusted. Take what is dealt you where separation is the case. Often it is for your best and with God, He always makes beauty from the deepest of wounds.❤

The Beauty of Weeds

My daughter provides me bouquets many don’t appreciate but I believe truly that every weed has its own unique beauty. So does every person, for that matter. Some may rub you wrong, grow in the wrong place, smell weird, but each and every weed just as each and every person is designed by God and lives by His choice for His love and purpose. Never forget this. ❤