Gorgeous Day from God

Today is gorgeous! As I walked in the cool, brisk, fresh air, the birds were singing happy songs, the trees were standing strong, the sun was coming up regally, the flowers bloomed valiantly. God made us a gorgeous day. Enjoy it and remember to thank Him for it. 😄❤


Just Like a Musician

In true musician style, while everyone is preparing for the hurricane, my husband is subbing for a guitarist in our old band at a gig. Some people worry and some make music. Lol. Love it. Puts things into perspective. Music is the very best therapy for any occasion. Kinda glad they didn’t need a keyboardist, though. I took the kids and wind-proofed mom’s house and spent some time reassuring her, played some games, and walked her dog. Glad we had that time with her. And then after getting home and getting the kids to bed, I went outside and looked up at the stars, which thankfully were out. And I just felt this wave of appreciation flood over me. How great is our God! He is so precious and loving, detailing even a boring night sky with beautiful diamonds twinkling down to reassure us He is paying attention and is enormous and perfect. And I thought that God must be a musician too. What a beautiful moment. ❤❤❤

The Beauty of God

Whatever God made had its own distinct beauty, from the one-celled animal to the tallest tree to the most complex ocean creature to you and me. It all loudly proclaims God’s intrinsic beauty and glory. I believe His glory is His beauty. It is present in all He does, cannot be diminished, can not be blotted out. Even in the most wounded soul, it is still there. In the darkest crevasse of distant planets or the badlands, still there. Where God is, His glorious beauty must be. It is part of who He is. In being Love, He must also be beauty and that is His glorious aura, His mark of His being here. Celebrate His beauty, His glory. He is so worth the longest and deepest conemplation. Praise God!❤❤❤

Tonal Beautality

Our eyes are easily manipulated and can perceive immaculate beauties or unsurpassing ugliness, based more upon the settings you pre-programmed your mind with than actual reality. And I am not sure if the beauty God showers on His people is from outward changes that stem from internal goodness or if the inner goodness creates a perception, but it is a fact that those walking closely, purely with the Lord in His love and peace look more beautiful every day. And I am not sure if it is that in me or my getting more toned by walking 1.5-2.8 miles daily and eating healthier that is causing other people lately to lavish compliments on me about my appearance. It looks to them like I am losing weight, as that is what is expected to have happened when one becomes more attractive. So many have said it that I stepped on a scale. Just 4 pounds down is all, but I noticed my clothes are looser and looked objectively and saw a healthy glow about me. Never being one to base anything off appearances, mine or others- I am way too deep for that nonsence-, I speculate that a toned body is attractive but a toned spirit/heart is unfathomable more attractive. I am thankful for spiritual health, then mental health, then physical health. These are wildly important blessings from God that I do not take lightly. I am so thankful. In my family too, if course. People who are morose and just mis-focused. God is good, friends!!❤

Unexpectedly Useful

I put my skirt on the sides of my quilt I am finishing up. And looking at it, the skirt only came down halfway the height of the mattress. Tacky to me, and I knew it would but me every time I saw that, so I looked for a solution. And just like my Heavenly Father that knows and loves me so well, He turned my head to my fabric pieces and my eye fell on leftovers of a beat up curtain sheer, the cotton kind not the impossible to work with sheer. And it was pretty beat up but white and had enough not beat up parts that I was able to cut out what I needed for an extra 6 inches on each side. Perfect. Beautiful. Unexpected. Useful. God. And that is what God has been doing in my life lately. I draw close to Him and He makes ugly into unexpectedly useful and beautiful. He shows me the beauty in everything. He provides even before I get a chance or am just about to ask Him. And there is no doubt that God loves and provides, friends. He walks with me, talks with me. There is no imagination in it, He is truth and clarity. Oh how I love Him and oh how He loves us, all of us He made beautifully on purpose!!! Precious Savior! Talk to Him, draw close to Him. He loves and wants that and you will never be disappointed by it!!! 🙂 Love you, friend!❤

I Walk Along

I walk along the path during the sunrise.

The heat is not yet a struggle.

The birds sing and find food, the butterflies also

The wind wafts in waves over my skin.

Not entirely awake, I move one step in front of the other

With each, my eyes open more

And I am struck with the immense beauty

The calm and noise balance luxuriously.

I realize God is already up for He never sleeps

I say good morning and He does too in heart and nature.

His gentleness does not offend in the early hours.

God’s presence is always a delight.

How rich my walk when He is there. 

And He is always there.❤❤❤