A Treasure Hidden is a Small Treasure

If you have a huge, life-changing treasure, you share it. If you can keep it to yourself, it is a small treasure, a personal treasure you want to be selfish about. But I guarantee that if it changes your life in a powerful way, you cannot help but share it.

This is why I share about my personal relationship with God, my Heavenly Father. It changed my life from a roller coaster to peace, from addiction to recovery from addiction, from victim to overcomer/servant, from anger and hurt to forgiveness and joy, from focusing on survival to focusing on eternal future.

Now a bunch of people see that as pushy or preachy. That to me sounds like coming from a place of hurt, disbelief, woundedness, ignorance, intolerance or guilt. When a valuable treasure is shared lovingly, it is meant in love as a sharing experience to say, “Hey this helped me a ton. Who knows, maybe it would help you?” I see that as sharing something helpful with helping in mind. That is the goal. To be the light to help other people. It may be interpreted as an attack. It is not meant to.

Everyone makes their own decision about the prominence of God in their life. I did and every person also does, whether they believe they are or not. I voice and can only voice my own experiences and hope I may be a help to others. I do not judge because I am not even close to perfect, which is the least possible qualification for such a role as judge. I just wanted to clarify. I found a very valuable treasure in closeness to God and just want to share how much that relationship improved my life.πŸ˜„β€

The Precious Pain Box

Hanging on to a deep hurt from our past is like clenching a secret box of pain or bad choices or addiction that we have made a treasure of. We protect it. We keep it. We, like Gallum of the Lord of the Rings book series by J. R. Tolkien, call it “my precious” and would die to keep it and protect it.

Meanwhile, this protected box, though feeling familiar and safe and only ours, is killing us softly, keeping us bondage to it. We think we are holding our box but that box is holding us.

How do you feel safe enough to let it go? Only one way. We have to choose to do so. We have to humbly want to put the box down. As soon as we want Him to, God will take it from you. And He is with you along the way trying to get your attention to let you know life is better without that evil box we have been treasuring. Forgiveness is release of the pain and hurt in full pardon- you choose to forgive. Prayer is a powerful tool to help get you there. Love is too.

Let me encourage you by saying how freeing and light is to put the bad box treasure down. You feel as though you can fly without it. It is beautiful! And God is so very good!πŸ˜„β€

Big Bundle of Memories

My Grandma Metzler was the most special and important woman in the world. And when she went to heaven a few years ago, part of me went with her really. She was a nurse and a missionary and loved the Lord with all her heart. Every conversation reflected that. Every song was for Him. Every piano note played was a tribute to Him. And as a profession in the states, she was a charge nurse for a state children’s hospital. She was amazing. She and my grandpa took my sister and I to high school and college plays and musicals, the Nutcracker Suite ballet, orchestras, camping, national parks, monuments, literary historic homes. She was rich with art appreciation and the love of literary classics as well as Christian works as well as all things Christian. And she was my biggest supporter, writing me letters all the time, coming to every recital or school play or church musical I was in. She was all nurse so wanted me to be all doctor. I became one because of her. She was right as always, but she was humble and gentle as she was super strong. And all these things and more raced through my eyes and escaped through my tear ducts as I perused the treasure my dear Aunt Rosie had sent me for Christmas just now. She sent her poems. I have my precious grandma’s poems. Oh, what a treasure! So, it may appear as though I had only received a few insignificant presents, but with this offering, I am way richer than anyone else. Thank you, God. And thank you for so many years with this incredible woman of yours.❀

My Very Best Friends

When you can be yourself without fear of judgment or censure or criticism or reproof, the person you can be that way with should never be let go of. When a person makes you want to be better because they believe in you so much and genuinely care, that person needs desperately be honored in your life. When a person delights your heart with their presence and receives delight from you, that person needs to be respected and never taken for granted. That person is the best of friends and mutual love and connection take place. The best of friends communicate with you often without saying anything but with great feeling and depth. They get you. They see your flaws and imperfections and choose to see the greatness instead. They lift you up in prayer and in their hearts as if you really do matter in the world. These treasures are priceless. Nothing on the earth is more valuable than a best friend. Nothing is as valuable. There is no one you want to run to faster to talk or just hang with. A best friend knows and understands just the tone in your voice, regardless of your words. Friends like that are exquisite masterpieces and worth more than gold. They capture your heart for an eternity and never ever leave it. Years or miles or illness can not separate them. They are intertwined in experience, meshed in a supernatural placement of being in the same facility at the right time with the right state of mind. It is extraordinary when it happens. And it is very rare, priceless and precious. I cannot tell you the depth of love and appreciation I have for my best friends. I love a d appreciate you so very abundantly much. That will always be true. I know you and you know me. That is much more rare than we think. πŸ™‚