The Frog in the Box

There was this boy who carried a box to school for show and tell. It was something he found by the creek that was unique and fun and a treasure to him. I fact, the boy got to thinking about just how special his little frog was that he starting  wondering if anyone else really deserved to see his treasure. so show and tell time came and went and he sat and held his box, refusing to share. Several days went by and a horrible odor emanated from his box. You see, he was so busy protecting his treasure from other people that he did not nurture it and feed it and his precious frog died. We are often like that little boy. So eager to protect our talents and treasures that we end up pocketing them and keep them them ourselves, without allowing them to be released to their full potential. They were gifts from God and end up benefitting no one. We have themohemo use them, nurture them, share them. It is amazing how God blesses our efforts when we use the gifts He gave us. 

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