A Treasure Hidden is a Small Treasure

If you have a huge, life-changing treasure, you share it. If you can keep it to yourself, it is a small treasure, a personal treasure you want to be selfish about. But I guarantee that if it changes your life in a powerful way, you cannot help but share it.

This is why I share about my personal relationship with God, my Heavenly Father. It changed my life from a roller coaster to peace, from addiction to recovery from addiction, from victim to overcomer/servant, from anger and hurt to forgiveness and joy, from focusing on survival to focusing on eternal future.

Now a bunch of people see that as pushy or preachy. That to me sounds like coming from a place of hurt, disbelief, woundedness, ignorance, intolerance or guilt. When a valuable treasure is shared lovingly, it is meant in love as a sharing experience to say, “Hey this helped me a ton. Who knows, maybe it would help you?” I see that as sharing something helpful with helping in mind. That is the goal. To be the light to help other people. It may be interpreted as an attack. It is not meant to.

Everyone makes their own decision about the prominence of God in their life. I did and every person also does, whether they believe they are or not. I voice and can only voice my own experiences and hope I may be a help to others. I do not judge because I am not even close to perfect, which is the least possible qualification for such a role as judge. I just wanted to clarify. I found a very valuable treasure in closeness to God and just want to share how much that relationship improved my life.😄❤

Fighting Tired

All of us who follow Jesus and draw closer to God every day are tired. We are still fighting the fight but the air is thick with spiritual/demonic activity and darkness. There is still nature where it is not but everywhere people are, there are spiritual attacks, illnesses, difficulties, financial issues, lust issues, greed, malicious words, lack of truth, whatever the case may be. It is thick. The spiritual war is hot and heavy and it is exhausting, even when you give everything to God for Him to handle. Families are being hit hard and even when we are right, we have sadness for those who are lost and refuse to listen. We know their fate and it is a burden of great magnitude. So we fight but we are tired. We need to delay rest until heaven (not far off now) and keep fighting, prating, reading our Bibles, loving people, telling only the truth in love, serving. We need to. We have to. Maybe one more will listen and be saved. Maybe we can encourage each other. Fighting tired is the reality but keep in your joy and peace and keep fighting. God bless you and your efforts.❤

Giving Away

I gave away a piece of my history today. People like to hoard to keep memories. I am the opposite. I like to give to share and make the recipient part of the memory, part of the story. That is love to me. Loving someone enough to make them part of your story. The gift was a keyboard. Nothing fancy but a good one I bought when I was all alone in CA. I went there alone, knowing only my producer there, and the keyboard was a familiar friend (musicians will get that) that I cherished while alone. And now my b husband had bought me three and a piano (again a musician thing) so it was really just for memory sake. And today it becomes part of my friend Tana’s world. I am happy to send my friend on a new journey, knowing it will be loved and played. It is a good step to take, the giving thing. Generosity is what God is all about so I love being generous when I can for Him. Nothing comes with us here or leaves with us later. Things are tools to use. Some are for memories but don’t keep that grip too tight or it might suffocate you. ❤

The Story of Her Heart

A mature woman of God once told me her story. She was a patient of mine, a regular, a real sweetheart. She told me of her heart’s song, the story of her love life. It goes something like this (but without her charming demonstrative flare- you’ll have to imagine it). She was married to a man who was horrible to her for years and was miserable and wanting desperately to be loved and held and treasured by a man. She happened to meet a man she had been friends with a long time but they realized they loved each other. The bad thing was that he was also in a miserable marriage also to a horrible woman. They, for 9 months of bliss together, justified their love because their marriages and spouses were so horrible and they felt so good and whole in each other’s arms and company, it seemed like destiny, they were soul mates in every sense of the word, perfect for each other. It was a perfect fit. Well, the man was being kicked out of his living arrangement and decided to go back to his wife to survive (she would not leave her kids so stayed in the house married technically- divorce being a bad thing back then), leaving her high and dry, not looking back, throwing her away like garbage. She ended up heart broken and almost died of her broken heart, so great was the loss and the betrayal. She yearned for him and mourned him for 9 full months, the amount of time they were together. And I was moved to tears as she still teared up speaking of it, such a sad story, such a broken women before me even telling the story to me so passionately, so empathetic was I to her pain, I felt it equisitely. Then she changed her demeanor entirely and began again. This beautiful old woman told me that the story didn’t end there. She said that she felt alone and friendless after that and decided she would not waste the rest of her life depressed until she died, so she started praying and reading her Bible. A new friend helped her to rebuild her heart a little at a time and she became a strong woman of faith and character and she said Jesus restored and forgave her entirely and He can do the same for anyone. I thanked this beautiful woman for sharing her heart story with me and hugged her. It is not every day you meet someone so willing to share their intimate struggles and testimony. (She gave me permission to share this, by the way.) I think if we all showed people how Jesus changed us and humble ourselves enough to be vulnerable to the listeners and tell it like it is, warts and all, we would help win souls to Jesus for salvation and eternal life with Him in heaven. Jesus has saved us all who are saved and someone may need to hear your heart story to be saved. Never be too proud to tell it. Or rather, be more proud of Jesus and how incredibly He saved you from it that what it might look like that you were imperfect enough to need salvation in the first place. ❤

Tickling the Ivories

Today I taught a person how to make and use chords on the piano. Having played a long time and taught a long time, it is only natural to be able to help those who really need help. But I have taken it to heart that when teaching anything you are gifted at and passionate about, you have to also trickle down a little passion for your craft. There is a responsibility on the teacher to teach the love as well as the lesson. Music and art and nature loving are all one breath to my lungs and if just one person appreciates those because of my training, I feel everything is worth this. They recorded my gifts from God and are meant to be shared but so much more the spark in my eyes, also from God. There is no other explanation. God moves in such beautiful ways and helping others appreciate that is such a great feeling.

Caring is Sometimes Not Sharing

Sometimes we share our thoughts and experiences with others and that is nice. But except for a very trusted close friend or two, sometimes we show people we care more by not sharing. Yes, opening up to the Lord and one or two closest friends for prayer and help is definitely required. Other people don’t need to be burdened. Quite frankly, unless they have a vested interest, they probably have enough on their plates or could deep down care less or may be well meaning gossips. It is best to keep things to the Lord and one or two close, trusted, vested friends and siblings in the Lord. I say this because the enemy is also listening in on your conversations and will do his best to use what you say and who you say it to against you. We are commanded to trust the Lord but never commanded even one time to trust other people. If you are blessed enough to have a best friend, especially one who is a sister or brother in the Lord, that is sufficient. God is sufficient to meet our needs. A friend can help you pray and bless you with help or council. Other people may not be such a blessing. And if you do blab to them, and then are surprised by their lack of discretion or comments or whatever, they are not who you should be annoyed at. Not my normal topic but gossip is such a huge problem in the church. Sometimes it is disguised as someone wanting to pray for you. And they may mean well. However, not everyone in the church, despite their age, is mature as a believer. We should always be aware of that. Some people, I have decided, are simply content to not ever grow in their spiritual maturity. And I have participated in my healthy share of gossip in the past. I am determined to only listen to what I sincerely am praying over and say no to hearing the rest. Also, I have become very guarded who I speak to about issues that arise in my life. I only speak with spiritually mature close friends who I love and trust to pray with me. Sometimes we just need the prayers of a friend. However, in being a worship leader and always in a church band, firsthand I have seen such hurt and betrayal when people blindly put their trust in an unworthy subject, as worthy as they look on the outside. I believe this can safely fit into the category of not throwing your pearls before swine. And as the days grow closer to the return of our Lord, it is more important to be very careful who to trust. God is really sufficient for all our needs, when in doubt, and He will never betray your trust.