Tea Party

Not the political group, but a traditional tea party with actual tea (and alternate coffee) is what we are having this afternoon. It is so cool to have a tea party, just enjoying each other’s company, having tea and homemade scones. Sound boring? I used to think so. Now, I realize it is what life is about. Doing something for someone else and spending time with them, just living on them. Fellowship, service. It is beautiful. Doesn’t have to be a huge production (ours is just another family), just a meaningful one. 😄❤

The Joy of a Party

Wanna lift? Go to a party of a few close friends. No one is throwing one? Make your own. Invent a reason and have fun with it.

We had a birthday party for Kat today and it was so fun. The kids played and we moms got to talk and it was lovely, like a vacation.

Never underestimate the power and happiness of getting outside of yourself and enjoying the thoughts and ideas and company of others. It is so encouraging ad hopeful, yielding an invaluable break from normal life into a bit of special. God calls this fellowship. 😄❤

Vacation Bible School

Our church is too tiny to have a VBS program. So we were very blessed to receive an invitation rom friends to go to theirs. So happy about that! My kids went and loved it very much. I highly recommend having your kids and/or grandkids go to VBS (Vacation Bible School) this summer. It is great for our kids to get together with other kids and learn more about the Bible together and have fun and fellowship. Matters so much. We are not made in a vacuum but are built to socialize and fellowship together. 😄❤

Sweet Fellowship

My dear friends and Christian mentors/parents Char and Pete were in town and I hadn’t seen them for a couple years. And I saw them last night!! We visited together at Old Town where Steve and Kevin were filling in for our old band for a gig. So they could dance and we visited also and it was a beautiful time.

I got to thinking, as is my habit, and I thought how precious fellowship is and how fellowship is not a prescription production in a church building but can happen anywhere anytime people get together who love Jesus and talk about Him and encourage each other. What a beautiful thing!! Praise God and I thank Him for such friends!!😄❤

Standing Tired

I am tired. I am still standing for truth, justice and the American country God’s way, but I am tired. Those of us in the midst of this spiritual war we are in (whether we realize it or not) are tired. We are only human, after all, right? The war rages on relentlessly and each person seems a tug of was between good and evil in their hearts. I fight it in mine also. The battle is actually not easing down but ramping up. We stand for the Lord but we’re getting so beaten up by evil that we are tired. So, what do we do for that? Give up? Well, people who say we come without a manual are mistaken. We have the Bible, which teaches us everything we ever need to know about life and war. We read in there that we are to wear our Spiritual armor every day, which includes reading the Bible and praying, knowing our salvation and having the fruits of the Spirit evidenced in our lives. It also says to meet together with other people of like faith (which assumes they actually have some of that) and encourage each other in the faith (not put on a show, not join with them in dogmatic rituals, not speak our own minds). We need to be very careful of the churches we are attending in these spiritually disturbing times. Many churches are really not serving the Lord anymore but just themselves, being more worldly than the world and teaching traditional opinion of man rather than Biblical opinion of God. There are still some around where the enemy hasn’t found a way to corrupt, so seek them out. Please don’t get me wrong. I am not encouraging church jumping on a whim. I am only saying that if the church you are attending does not worship the Lord and teach the Bible without adding their own opinion as fact, etc., stand up for God and follow the Biblical protocols for addressing the situation. If independent, you are within the Biblical mandate to shake off the dust from your feet from there and seek out a church home that is in accordance with Scripture. We can study the Bible ourselves and pray and we should eagerly and faithfully do that, but we still need to encourage each other in a way that gives us needed strength but also gives all honor to God and not anyone else. I will refresh my soul in this way and will not stand tired but hopeful that I am doing what I should be doing and can rest peacefully in the hope that Christ gives us when evil will pass away forever! I want to go to heaven if for no other reason than the fact that the Spiritual war will be over and there will not be bad guys ever again! Yay!