Thr Opposite of Fear is Faith

When our fear is ramped, our eyes are on us, guaranteed. When our faith in God is ramped, our humble focus is on God, guaranteed. You cannot operate deep in faith in God and still be unable to function due to fear. It is impossible. Faith and focus on God is love and that drives fear away. There is no room for fear when you are operating in faith in God. It is impossible and you are not being truthful if you say otherwise. And we cannot overcome a lie with another lie, we must call it as it is and then we can fix it with humble faith and focus on God and be set free from fear. Knowing and admitting is half the battle. The second half is deciding to trust (act out your faith in) God and focus on Him.❤

Reject Fear and You Embrace Love

“Perfect love casts away all fear.” ❤

People, religions, churches, nations, homes rule with fear worldwide. This is not God’s plan or makeup. God’s way is love. We are to worship and serve Him because we love Him for loving us. We respect Him because whoever rejects Him, He will reject for eternity, but we are not driven by that. We are driven by love. Love of Jesus Christ drove Him to die and rise from death for us. Love of God sent us the Holy Spirit to comfort and strengthen us. Love wrote down the Bible for us to learn from and follow. Love created such beauty the best poet has difficulty voicing. Love protects and supports, values and encourages. Reject those who mean to rule you with fear and embrace the passionate love of God. It is as it should be then, you will be righting a number of wrongs.😄❤

Fearless Leader

I noticed something in my life and many other lives in my view and in the Bible:

The person with the least fear/most courage is the leader.

One caveat: the wisest person will fear the Lord, who can save or destroy thr body and soul, but He never does so flippantly or contrary to His written or living Word.

That courage may come from within innately or be a gift of the Holy Spirit, but strength of courage (bravery and action despite fear) and lack of fear is a predominant character trait in leaders. Just worth mentioning.😄❤

Matthew 10 Lessons

Matthew 10 echoes Joshua 1 largely in that it calls us to do our jobs without fear or worry. We have jobs to do based on our giftedness. And we are to do our job without concern about every detail ahead of time. We are to share and love people and teach and serve, knowing that God will provide what we need when we need it to do His work. We are not working for n our salvation, we have that, but because we are saved, we are loving and worshipping God and therefore loving and helping others as we are designed. And this Bible study today on Matthew 10 encouraged me. The Bible is so full of hope and life. I hope this reminder encourages you also.😄❤

The Fear of the Lord

Much of my life I have grappled with the “fear of the Lord”. God is love. Why fear Him? And then it hit me. God is Love, yes, but He is also Holy. Holy is perfect, blameless, without error or flaw, all to the greatest magnification you can imagine then add some. God cannot sin or be around sin or He would destroy it with the force of His presence. However, He is also Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Gentleness, Faithfulness, Self-Control. So He keeps Himself from destroying us and provided Jesus Christ, His Son, to bridge the gap between a holy God and unholy us. We actually become blameless like Jesus when we accept Him as our Savior. The fear is of what the most powerful God is capable of and the love and appreciation comes from the gift He has given for us to have an adopted relationship with Him. Yes, there is a healthy fear of the Lord. Absolutely. Rightly so. This is the beginning of wisdom. It is necessary to properly understand gratefulness and worship. It is powerful enough to maintain focus on eternity with God and minimize distractions and temptations. ❤


To live life unafraid only happens with love from God and faith and trust in Him. Fear is a strong liar that can only be defeated by powerful, truthful love. And God is love. He actually is our only source of love (and goodness) in this universe. Therefore, God’s love defeats fear and our faith and trust in God unleash the power of God/love into our life to do the work. “Perfect love casts out all fear” is another way to say “Faith and trust in God casts out all fear”. And that makes me smile.❤

A Story About This Guy I Know

So, there once was this guy. He grew up smack dab in the middle of a family of five and was a very sensitive soul. However he soon found out the world was not a sensitive place. Born and raised in the Bronx, he quickly grew an outer hard shell to protect his sensitive insides. Protection and safety was the name of the game. All about himself, he was.

He loved and left many, had three children along the way and is on his third wife. He is afraid to be alone, afraid to be vulnerable, afraid to be hurt, afraid to be bored, afraid to be rejected, afraid to not have what he needs in a woman or in life, and all the while fights to be a man, though he was largely left alone as a boy. His favorite wife (the second and most beautiful person he actually loved) tired of his fears and games and other women.

One day, he met a woman unlike any other he had ever met before, different than any other woman ever. She became his soul mate. Theirs was the deepest love you could imagine, at least on her side and maybe on his for a time too once he realized he had nothing to fear in her. Seemed a perfect match And both were very happy together.

But life was complicated and he ran to a worthless woman who offered him a house to co-own, becoming his wife number 3. The girl who loved him so much just couldn’t compete with his fears. Instead of embracing her strong love, he threw her away as if she were the garbage and the fears were the truth. She could not compete with irrational fear and lies bought and paid for. No one could except the horrible number 3 who gave him a house. Turns out that is what he wanted more than anything, more than happiness, more than peace, more than passionate love. Four walls and a roof. With someone so afraid, how can love compete with false beliefs of fear?

What this poor guy has yet to learn is that love is the only solid truth security and love is the only thing that can drive out fear. Fear is a liar and sucks your joy. When we realize love is a million times stronger than fear, our maturity then can pull joy and peace in and secure the heart in that love. Love is not a place but a Person and God is love.❤❤❤