Fearless Leader

I noticed something in my life and many other lives in my view and in the Bible:

The person with the least fear/most courage is the leader.

One caveat: the wisest person will fear the Lord, who can save or destroy thr body and soul, but He never does so flippantly or contrary to His written or living Word.

That courage may come from within innately or be a gift of the Holy Spirit, but strength of courage (bravery and action despite fear) and lack of fear is a predominant character trait in leaders. Just worth mentioning.😄❤

Love is Powerful

Love is not a mamby pamby wallflower sort of thing. It is the most powerful force in the universe. How do I know? God is love. Tired of people believing that loving someone allows others the freedom to do whatever they want to people and get away with it. That is not love. Love is standing for truth while exhibiting the fits of the Spirit. How do I k n ow? God is truth and Jesus did not tuck things under the rug, he said what needed saying. He was the bravest man ever to have existed and He was God. There was no wallflower in Him. Humble does not ever mean ashamed, it is a choice to allow God to flow through you, it is a brave purpose of placing your will under God’s, giving Him primary rule over it. This is fierce and brave. There is no fear for love casts it out. We need to do what is right.❤

Christian Strength

Last night, a prominent conservative political comedian said that because of the persecution against Christians, even in America, the Christians should lay low and zip it. So, with this mindset, evidently, in order to be a Christian you have to disobey the Lord? God said things like, “He that is in you is greater than He who is in the world” and “Go therefore into all nations teaching… And I will be with you always” and “Whoever is ashamed of me, I will be ashamed of him” and “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding” and “Blessed are you when men hate you and persecute you and say all kinds of evil against you falsely on account of me for your reward is in heaven.” So, it doesn’t sound like  Christians are supposed to fear this world or men who choose to do evil. It looks a lot more like we are supposed to keep serving the Lord and speaking truth in Love to win souls to Him. Are we to hide? Are Christians to be quiet and never fulfill every Christian’s mandate to share their faith? No. The time of this world’s rule is about up. The time of Christ’s return is close and then we who are faithful will be with Him forever in heaven. That is a very long time. We cannot even begin to get how long that is. If I am persecuted, let it be so. I know what awaits me after this incredibly brief life is over. Are you going to threaten me with heaven? Really? Those who persecute us should be told what awaits them after their incredibly brief life is over.

A Stranger Danger

“Faith finds its path through many a starless night;
And without wonder, meets the coming dawn–
With confidence she journeys toward the light,
And as she goes, the darkness is withdrawn.” ~Unknown
I love that poem. I found it in a book of wisdom for mothers a dear sage gave me upon the occasion of my wedding. The poem reflects on the truth of faith and its impact on your life, should you allow it. A danger far more sinister and strange lurks in silence behind, but as we face life full in the face with faith, the danger can not come out of the darkness for faith is light. Faith/light always win and darkness and danger always must yield to it and creep away. Allowing yourself to face the fear of your unknown and trust God’s eyes for you is difficult until you make a habit of it (and we know all habits are formed one purposeful decision at a time) but the danger without doing so is much stranger and troublesome. My husband used to speak of some people trapped in life and choosing to stay with “the devil they know versus the devil they don’t know”. And while many in that situation may qualify as dealing with that choice, we of the way of Love know that it is really a quite different choice- the devil we know that wants to destroy us versus the God who loves us and wants to take us to Heaven with Him. I am pretty safe stepping out on a limb in a bit of potential discomfort if it gets me closer to that goal rather than being one step or many steps further from it. I love having the choice and I am glad the choice is clear. When we pray, we should always pray for wisdom and clarity because the enemy understands lies and trickery and distractions can often cloud our vision. God is stronger and always helps when asked with a humble heart.