Blessing Counting

1. God made us specifically and with loving care for a sacred purpose at just such a time as this. 2. God is still in charge and His will is what will happen at the right time for the best perhaps unknown reasons. 3. We have knowledge of God’s will and nature through His Word the Bible. 4. We have the gift of salvation for eternity through Jesus Christ, true of anyone who humbly prays to accept it. Wow. 5. God’s creation of nature is available to us to enjoy and worship Him. 6. Work is a blessing because we can do it and it pleases God and causes Him to reward us. 7. Children are a blessing for they carry on joy and refresh with newness and imagination. 8. Good friends and good family are blessings for we do not travel through life alone and we have love. 9. Love is a blessing for we are so blessed that our powerful God is clothed in love so that we can live and not be in danger. 10. The Holy Spirit is a gift so we may know right from wrong and be allowed wisdom and the fruits of the Spirit for life. These amazing blessings are available, regardless of what else happens, good or bad, in the day. They may be used to start the day off in gratitude and prayer and uplift during the day. They are lasting and trustworthy. God is so good! 

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