Busy Days

Today was a very busy, exhausting day. We got up really early and drove an hour with Mom to attend a missionary retreat for most of the day and drove the hour back. I cooked then rested for a little bit and my son and I went to his baseball game, stuck keeping score/records for the game with a girl plating hip hop music and talking the ENTIRE game. Now we are home and getting a late supper and finally sitting down. I am tired. On top of it, my allergies are flaring up and I am very dizzy and things are out of focus. Why tell anyone all this? Because not every day is easy or perfect and some are messy and hard to get through. And I am not perfect and days are not perfect. But this is always true. I may be exhausted but I have peace and joy and am loved. It is the core of me. God never leaves me alone. Ever. Some days are picture perfect, so e are a challenge to keep upbeat and encouraging but I do because God never fails to provide for and accompany me. He sees what goes down and lifts me up to face it. Some days would be easy to get frustrated but I don’t because God is very patient with me. I am grateful. I am appreciative each time He helps me and blesses me. What is a little inconvenience compared to all the amazing blessings from God.

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