Letting Go of the Weights

All of the unnecessary negative weights you carry around with you are not worthy of the absolute preciousness of your life. Weights such as unforgiveness, grudges, anger, hate, past relationships, excess body weight, discontent, pride, etc. all keep God’s beautiful joy from flowing in your life. God through Jesus Christ our Savior frees us and offers freely to take those burdensome weights away and throw them out forever. All we need to do is humbly offer them to Him for the taking and then don’t go pick them up again. The weights may be what is familiar to us but is never ever what n is best for us or what God intended. He is a loving God of peace and holiness. He never intended all these burdens and distractions and thieves of joy for us. We are His precious children. He wants love for us, care, strength to do our work with gratitude and worship. 


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