Journeys to Reach Heaven

Bad people and dishonest but successful marketers promise all your heart’s desires, including heaven on earth to make a sale. They build you up and feed on your ego and pride and create both a sense of urgency and a dissatisfaction with current circumstances to make a sale or further their own means. Politicians do this too. Anyone crooked does this. Narcissists are very professional at it. But our journeys in this life are not designed to get you to heaven but to draw us to God and perfect us. God does the real heaven bit. Our journeys maneuver us into positions and challenges that develop our faith and joy and peace in relationship with our Creator God. Heaven is wherever God is and the rest is all bonus. He is all we need. And yes, it is that simple. Of course we have to work while journeying, not all fun and games and there will be a myriad of distractions, but God can minimize those when we keep on the right path with Him. Journeys are sometimes amazing with travel and moments of greatness with family and kids. Other parts of the journey are steeped in losses and death and bitter battles. Every leg of our journey is different but each one has blessings mixed in and choices to draw near to God or further away. And those choices are so important. He can strengthen us for every part of our beautiful and unique journey. It is so worth the focus on Him. God makes everything better.


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