The Key to Not Be Devisive

I heard a great quote that I want to take further. He quote was from a guy on YouTube who said this:

“Just because we have different viewpoints doesn’t mean we have to hate each other.”

And I want to tell you the key to executing that mindset, because it is a necessary one for any group of people living in the same family, country, workplace, earth. Here is the secret key: Ready? Wait for it…

Care more about God then yourself and other people as much as yourself.

It is that simple. Really? Yep. It is the heart of the matter, pun intended. If we simply follow these 10 commandments, reduced down to two, with a humility and the fruits of the Spirit, the world would be flipped upside down, or actually would be made right.

A difference of opinion would not induce hatred but maybe a conversation or acceptance of a different viewpoint.

Families would be stronger, as each would love God first and foremost and want to please Him and then would love each other as much as themselves so nothing would be done for self that harms another but instead each would support and encourage each other.

Words and actions would be done from love and not from hate or its counterparts greed or envy or folly or self-interest etc. Love views things quite differently, sacrificially even.

Ah, just thinking of God’s original design is wonderful. We can help by adopting such a world and heart view and implementing it. And if enough of us do this, wow!😄❤

God’s Will

I saw a poignant billboard that read, “God’s will is God’s Word”. I don’t believe God’s will is some mysterious thing we have to seek years to find. I believe it is right in front of us in God’s Word, the Bible. I believe that if you read and sincerely obey what it says and pray, you are in God’s will. And a step deeper in obedience is using the gifts and talents He gave you for Him by serving others and worshipping. And the rest of it is cludging and distractions. I believe firmly God is not elusive but very near, awaiting our humble prayer and obedience.

This is controversial for so many, but I believe sincere and humble obedience must accompany faith to prove it. Faith alone is like owning a cloud. Doesn’t benefit anyone until it rains. Obedience is the rain, allowing people to benefit. Faith alone is not enough to be in God’s will because His Word is so clear that once we have true faith, we exercise true obedience. And His blessings for us result from humble obedience and prayer and worship.

Our will being put under His will is the key. We decide He matters most and we want to follow His Word rather than our own desires and whims. He is God, after all. That is the crux of everything.❤

Stuck in the Wrong Key

I am a musician, a singer songwriter and pianist. Music is an enormous part of my life. My husband and I and four extended band family members play for an oldies rock and roll band in Central Florida called Smooth Sentiment ( and my husband and I and our drummer also play in the worship team at our church with other brothers and sisters in the faith. I also taught piano for 10 years and performed paid studio work. All that to say that I understand music. And when I am in the wrong key, it ruins the song. The whole ensemble and everyone else’s hard work would be thrown out the window because of my being stuck in the wrong key. No matter how excellent everyone else was, you would not be able to tell because of my error. What is the point? There are several applications and you can pick whichever one applies and find encouragement in it. 1. When we screw up, it does not just affect ourselves as we are lulled into believing. Those around us certainly are affected also. When my sister was into drugs and very bad men who were into drugs, her horrible decision didn’t just harm her, but her innocent children’s safety and innocence were ripped away from them also. The entire family felt the pain for them, for her. Many of us suffered depression for years and heartache to this day because a couple precious children we can not see again or only once in a very great while. People are still suffering about it. In the same way, when one husband decides to cheat on his wife or engage regularly in fantasies about other women, the entire family is effected. There is no such thing as the decision only effecting themselves. That it doesn’t hurt anyone is a heinous lie straight from the enemy and you cannot buy what someone sells who wants to kill you (Satan). One decision effects many. We must always remember that. 2. When we are stuck in the wrong gifting, we are not able to bless others as effectively. In a family, as in the body of Yeshua, we all have particular abilities and roles to play. When we choose to work outside of that, we negate our responsibility and things do not get done. Others suffer for they have to pick up the slack. We do greatest service to God when we work in our respected talents. We serve Him best and others best when we obey Him. This means we have to study His Word and find out what that means. 3. When you are off kilter and having a lousy day, you can ruin everyone else’s excellent days in a heartbeat by unkind words or actions or even looks. It is easy to feel justified in venting, but that easily leads to spreading badness to others or gossiping or just bringing someone else down. A secret about me…. I feel strongly the negativity of others, especially those I am closest to. When they hurt, I hurt. I don’t show this, I look rough and tough on the outside (and I am) but I am very sensitive inside. When you tell people a bunch of bad stuff, it may not seem like it affects them but it does. It is best to share or vent the negative stuff to God Who can handle it and share with everyone else the good stuff. That is an excellent practice! Everyone wins! 🙂

The Key to Purity

Openness. The key to purity is living your life as an open book. I heard a quote today I have been reflecting on, “Something done secretly is sorcery.” I dismissed the quote at first but the more I pondered it, chewed on it, I realized there is much truth there. When you think no one is looking, like you are in incognito mode or passwords are up or you are alone in your office or car, you have a draw, an excitement that is no longer in check and is much more easily given into. Not just porn or sexual impurity but also stealing from the office or drinking when you shouldn’t or gossiping or worrying to distraction or whatever purity/sin issue you have fallen for in the past (because that is where you’ll be attacked again). The key is really to live your life in the open as much as humanly possible. Keep your door open. Don’t have a password. Welcome people coming in at odd times. Invite people over. Keep busy. Actually do your work. The main point is that when you go into secret mode, the enemy has you right where he wants you and you are his dupe again. Knowledge is power. Know the enemy’s methods and you can defend yourself. Don’t allow a surprise attack. Remain out in the open and you are much more able to resist being pulled somewhere you think is safe to sin. Because you are always an open book to God. There is no secret place from Him. The enemy can’t even hide from Him. So, He always knows when you’re screwing up, even if no one else does. So, purity is admitting that and saying that you don’t want any distractions to come between my relationship and prayer life with God. Live open, like you are an open book, and I tell you the purity will be there and you will win the victory over sin and distraction and walk in sweeter friendship with the all mighty and loving God of the universe. And He who is always faithful to you will reward you for being faithful to Him. And you will sleep deeper and feel great!