Sinful Pleasures

Sinful Pleasures are purposefully provided and promoted and given with alluring lies and over – enhancing natural desires for a reason. The best case scenario, but still very damaging, is keeping us from being humble and contrite by feeding ego and pride over obedience so serving and worshipping is hindered or at least slowed. The worst case scenario the pleasurable (for the moment) sins lead us to destruction, whether jail time, marriage destruction, suicide or other body destruction, murder, cancers from stress or body abuse, abortion/murder of babies.

Sinful pleasures take our natural God-given desires and magnify them and lie enough to twist it to work at our destruction and tempt us to some form of separation from God our loving Creator. This is the danger. People call it “playing with fire” and that could not be more eternally true. Please beware and live simpler and holier so your eternity can be secure with God through Jesus. Pray humbly and ask Yahweh to help you. And He will.❤

Normal Is a Distant Star in Someone Else’s Universe

Never having been “normal” and knowing a few boring people but absolutely no “normal” ones, I am convinced this term is both ignorant and against God’s original design when He made us. See, we were made on purpose, beautifully and excellently, full of our own specific abilities and gifts and upbringings. This refutes the ignorant “normal” claim and makes those who embrace their uniqueness feel “abnormal” and be bullied and pressed down. This is very dangerous for people may be tempted to not fulfill their original and beautiful and rather powerful design. Whoever countermands God’s design will have seriously bad and extensive consequences. So be careful that no one deceives you into a false reality of who you were designed to be and go all out in obedience to God as to your original and unique design. Be you and do ago with God. ❤


It would be incredibly cool to have superpowers. The ability to fly would be my preference because I love travel and seeing God’s nature and different cultures so much. I also think super speed would be helpful and much more fuel efficient. It would also go quite well with my flying because flying slowly seems like it would be quite awkward and rather comical. I also love the idea of being bulletproof. This would allow me to go into horrible places and save millions from destruction, like destroying Isis from the planet. I could really do some good. All that said, depending on yourself so much for everything would be quite dangerous. When we see ourselves as our hero’s or sole supporters, there is an inherent loneliness and isolation from God that occurs. It would be very easy to take credit for all the good we do rather than giving God credit. Also, we would think maybe that we were as strong as God or something equally dangerous and ignorant. On second thought, that although those supper powers would be incredible and magnificent, I am quite content to allow God to be God and support and worship His sovereignty and just do my small but significant part. That sounds much more peaceful and yet still heroic in its own right.

A Stranger Danger

“Faith finds its path through many a starless night;
And without wonder, meets the coming dawn–
With confidence she journeys toward the light,
And as she goes, the darkness is withdrawn.” ~Unknown
I love that poem. I found it in a book of wisdom for mothers a dear sage gave me upon the occasion of my wedding. The poem reflects on the truth of faith and its impact on your life, should you allow it. A danger far more sinister and strange lurks in silence behind, but as we face life full in the face with faith, the danger can not come out of the darkness for faith is light. Faith/light always win and darkness and danger always must yield to it and creep away. Allowing yourself to face the fear of your unknown and trust God’s eyes for you is difficult until you make a habit of it (and we know all habits are formed one purposeful decision at a time) but the danger without doing so is much stranger and troublesome. My husband used to speak of some people trapped in life and choosing to stay with “the devil they know versus the devil they don’t know”. And while many in that situation may qualify as dealing with that choice, we of the way of Love know that it is really a quite different choice- the devil we know that wants to destroy us versus the God who loves us and wants to take us to Heaven with Him. I am pretty safe stepping out on a limb in a bit of potential discomfort if it gets me closer to that goal rather than being one step or many steps further from it. I love having the choice and I am glad the choice is clear. When we pray, we should always pray for wisdom and clarity because the enemy understands lies and trickery and distractions can often cloud our vision. God is stronger and always helps when asked with a humble heart.

To Err is Human

Human beings will screw up, sin, make mistakes, whatever you want to call it. However, to do so habitually is on par with ignorance. Sometimes it is willful ignorance and sometimes Spiritual ignorance but always some form of it. And that means that sometimes we are ignorant of the fact that when we break damaging habits or addictions as some call it, we gain freedom and a closer relationship to the One who made us with a hole in our souls only He can fill up. When we seek to live free of dangerous or ugly habits, we have greater sight and vision for the kingdom of God and life and nature in general. Freedom comes with living free. To do so requires not suggests a willful decision to not do the damaging thing this one time. And then the next time. And so on. And if we do not think we are strong enough, that is okay because God is stronger than anything and will help as soon as, the second you ask Him to. The great lie is that we have to do it alone. We never are.