Beware of “Acceptable Sins”

I have observed that many Christians have an unspoken category of “acceptable sins”. This basically entails whatever sin they favor in their own life. For some it is gossip. Some, grumbling and complaining (I am working on this one). For some it is gluttony of food, drugs, alcohol, cellphones, tech, work, whatever it is. Some, it is idolatry of a spouse or lover. Some, it is criticism and for some, it is lust. For some, stinginess and for others it is worry. There are a myriad of options. People want their pet sin to be an “acceptable sin”. And this has gone on as long as I have been alive and I am sure before that. This is dangerous, friends, because in God’s eyes, every sin separates us from His Holiness/Perfect Purity. Any sin we commit is a blemish and causes separation from God. Any “little” or “acceptable” one. I am guilty of this and have to keep reminding myself as I am reminding you that we need to stay in a manner of contrition. Our hearts and minds are notoriously dirty and we need to stay humble and teachable in prayer and keep asking the blood of Jesus and power n of His resurrection to cover all our sins and keep us in good standing with God. He longs for and loves us and we have everything we need in Jesus Christ, who died a sinless sacrifice for us for all time as long as we accept His free gift of grace. How beautiful! He dies for every sin, “acceptable” ones or ones steeped in sheer evil. Jesus is strong enough to cover any sin. We just need to keep coming to Him with them and as soon as we are aware (and here is the hardest part for so many), stop sinning. People sin because they want to. We have to want to please God more than to please ourselves. That is the key. God is worthy of our efforts. And there are eternal rewards for staying with Him.❤

On Feeling Alone

It is a lie that we are ever alone. Sometimes I forget that and feel how I am feeling right now… alone. My loving God is one humble prayer away. Yet sometimes I forget and have to remind myself. Why? What is so great that it blocks my vision? And the answer I determined is that it is a cumulation of little things, a myriad of distraction bricks that add up to one large brick wall to shade me from the brilliant truth. The anniversary of my Daddy’s death, the death of a great friend, the rejection and abandonment of another, kids needs, spousal needs, being constantly criticized, demands of time, coaching, leading choir, the band, teaching, cleaning houses, etc. It seems like I should be savagely content with so many people around me pressing in at every turn. But these things, at the end of the day, drain me and as I sit in the dark alone in my room, waiting for my brain to stop so my sleep can come, I wish strong arms would hold me and I feel so so very alone. The distractions, you see, again forged a chasm between the many things requiring my time and attention and my precious Savior who should have it all. My priorities flipped and I confess that I need alone time with God desperately. So tomorrow I will arise early and walk with Him. And He will help me as He always has done and I will get my mind right with His help. I will remember that He is always with me, always loves me and comforts those who mourn and admit they need Him. And I will repent of my falling for the distraction scheme and busyness and remember that no is a good word when you need time with God, nothing wrong with that. Yes can never be the only word or the distraction liars will walk all over me again. Tired of that. I will fight. God will help as He always does. ❤❤❤

The Declaration of Independence Revised

When, in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to unite their political strands that have been shredded one against the other, and to resume among the powers of this earth, the separate and improved station to which the laws of nature and of nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of intelligent mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel us to restoration.

We hold these truth, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable right, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. …

The rest must read exactly as it did when they wrote it. This amazing Declaration of Independence dictates we do whatever is in our power to ensure the safety, security, freedom and happiness of her people. When any government threatens it, ANY government, even its own, the people have a right and responsibility to change it. That is what I read. I am not very political naturally because politics now is so deranged and indoctrinated in shades of gray and relativism, but I am extremely patriotic and it is impossible to be extremely patriotic and be okay with how things are being run right now. And as Americans, enough of us can promote change, only the beneficial kind this time, and we can elicit the strongest and most wise and powerful world leader that has ever existed to come to our aid… God. We can pray. When God’s people pray and repent of their sins and turn away from evil, such as impurity and hatred and in forgiveness and murder and envy and laziness, among others, then our promise from God is that He will forgive us immediately and then heal our land. He is not waiting on the evil ones to change, but He expects those who claim His name to do so now. Help save America… pray and change you for Him and in so doing, you become one of many amazing American patriotic heroes. We need heroes like this. Be one.

Independence Day

Our country was founded the right way by the Puritans through God’s leading. They worked with their authorities and governing bodies of England for as long as they were reasonable and cohesive with their beliefs. When that ceased happening, these people all went up against the greatest military force on earth at the time and won. We were the underdogs but had a great Provider who stepped in several times with just the right timing, natural interferences, etc. and led us to victory. Many ups and downs later, we the people can still be proud of our heritage, both our Spiritual and our physical heritage. We owe much to those who have through the years bravely fought for our freedoms that we enjoy and we can be so proud of them! Many freedoms were achieved at enormous cost! And yet here we remain. A battle still rages on for freedom. Now, our freedoms are being challenged from within. That enemy has infiltrated our children and public and personal lives and governing bodies and churches so prevalently that we are very much at risk of losing the freedoms we hold so dear. What can we do to stop this degradation? We as Christ followers can humble ourselves and pray and seek God’s face and turn from our wicked ways. Then God will hear us from heaven and will forgive our sins and heal our land. It is not the job of those serving the enemy to accomplish this grave task but the sole responsibility of us Christ followers. God responds to the pleas of His children when offered from contrite hearts. We can bring back our former glory and protect the freedoms so many gave so much for. We are the only ones who can. And we can’t do it proudly preaching and sinning in the same breath. We can only do it on our knees, praying earnestly with a contrite heart and pure motives. We Christians need to make this our Independence Day and independently take up our crosses and follow Christ. He is the One who makes us free and we are free indeed and we can bring freedom recharged to our beloved America.

Putting Up With It vs. Standing Up

To let it go or stand up against evil. There are very good arguments on both sides. Sometimes, we put up with the evils around us because we don’t wish to judge anyone or try to pretend we understand the actions of others. We don’t want to judge lest we be judged. Other times we don’t want to rock the boat. Still more time, we are quite content to pray and let God handle it, knowing that He is in control of the universe. Still other times we are busy and have enough on our busy plates to deal with one more thing. Other times, we just don’t want to get involved because we are quite content without all that drama or don’t really want our lives to change at all. On the other hand, at times when we feel a stand must be upheld against evil, we say that yes, God is in control and we must pray but it is not enough. We feel strongly the urge to act upon our convictions, especially if we want justice to prevail or someone’s safety or ours is on the line. We will also fight for freedom, as evidenced by history. There certainly are a myriad of options on both sides of the question. So, how do you know which is right at a given time? More importantly, which you should do in what circumstance? It is not ours to judge or condemn without first looking deeply and objectively at ourselves and praying. Jesus Christ is the final judge of a matter. However, those left unchecked in this life will be checked in the next in a manner most unpleasant and for all of eternity. Would not your own conscience be clearer if you try to help the fellow believer doing evil in your path lovingly see the error of his ways and have a chance to repent and save his eternal soul in this world before we get to the next? Wouldn’t you want someone else to help you if it were you? And if we do see someone held bondage in sin, are we not sharing in responsibility for his sins if we do not attempt to restore Him to Christ Jesus? If you are uncertain still, think if such a believer were your grown up child. If he were living in sin unchecked, wouldn’t you rather see him be confronted of his sin, admit to it and come to repentance in this life before he meets his Savior? It is food for thought.