Today is Another Opportunity

Today is another opportunity to…

Do the right thing.

Worship the Lord.



Learn something new.

Be consistent and faithful.

Live out my salvation.

Encourage someone.

Be the Light and salt.

Trust in the Lord with everything.


Bask in stillness with God.


Read my Bible.

Play with my kids.

Teach my kids.

Release anxiety to God.

Enjoy the beauty God made.

Live life.

Sieze the opportunity today.😄❤

Today, Like Yesterday, is a Gift from God for a Reason

Each day is an opportunity to prove that you love God most. Each and every day is a gift from God for us to grow closer to Him. Each and every day is a gift to encourage someone else or plant a seed for their salvation. Each and every day is a glorious gift to pray more and read the Bible. Each and every day is a precious gift of another opportunity to worship God. We need to remember what we are here for and realize how precious of a gift each day is. The gift of today is amazing. Lift up your eyes and chin and make the most of this gift of today. 😄❤

Worry About That Tomorrow

Worry about that tomorrow.

Fear that tomorrow.

Disobey tomorrow.

Give up tomorrow.

Today, though, trust God, obey, keep going, pray, and read your Bible. Save that other stuff for tomorrow.

God gives you everything you need today. Do today.😄❤

Why I Look Back Less

Everyone is different. Some people love to reflect on the past immensely, every detail. I am weird (in a pretty good way). When God has brought me far, I don’t like to look back at how far He has brought me unless I get in a slump or sad time when I need a boost. Otherwise, I tend to get either comfy with my progress and ease up a bit or I wallow in too much self- thought. Not that I am narcissistic- so far from that, I am way too objective with way too many flaws for that. But I like to keep my humble on. (I will write about humble next.) Too much thought about myself is never good and is counter-productive to how I choose to live.

I like to live now. Every day has opportunities to grow and learn and mist importantly stay and get closer to Jesus Christ. I don’t want the past, it is in the pasture and I might step on something stinky. I want to focus on today, right now. Tomorrow is a theoretical construct which never arrives, so today is it. So today I will pray more, read my Bible, study, learn, live, serve. What better day could there be? One day at a time, this is doable. Today is beautiful!😄❤

Don’t Be Sad the Parties are Over, Look at Today as a Potential Party

Every day is beautiful and a gift. None are promised and every one is a gift of grace, filled with potential. Sure, people may not be packed into this day n in merriment and excitement, but they could if you throw some hot dogs on the grill and in it people over. Or reading a good book could fill your day with them or growth opportunities. Or baking or making something could provide someone an opportunity to receive a handmade gift from you and make them smile. There are endless possibilities for today. Make it count and share joy! (Sharing joy makes yours bigger.) 😄❤