When All Else Fails, Talk About It

There is an unwritten stupidity in many of our heads that prefers to stew and mull things over and brood rather than having a potentially uncomfortable conversation. However, quite often the other party is not even bothered by the matter or at the least most often not to the same extent. Yet we brood and suffer and pity ourselves and fester in a darkness of our own making.

So, I have opted from now on to have those potentially difficult conversations here and now rather than decrease the years of my life over them when it may be avoided. Better a moment’s discomfort than a long drawn out death over it. Tired of that. Tired of keeping it in. I was not like that as a kid, and by golly I am tired of eggshells. I will walk rightly in the fruits of the Spirit so as not to harm anyone but I will not puss foot around anymore when a conversation needs to happen. Now that is proactive for everyone’s good. So much negativity and energy can be saved if real eye to eye conversations happen. So much good is done that way. And here is my new manifesto… Keep moving forward wisely but with fruit (of the Spirit). I will do the right thing as often as I can, every time if possible.😄❤


A neighbor down the street has snubbed my children. She has actually been training her kids to snub them. She will deign to allow them to play when it is convenient (she drops them off and leaves so she can do something) and then does not allow most other times. It would be hard not to take this personally, as it feels like she believes herself to be of greater value (I mentioned we live in the same subdivision) or something. My daughter also talked to her girls about Jesus and they bragged that they do not go to church. I wonder if that has something to do with it. But then they tell us they are looking to sell their house and move to a posh, overpriced development down the street, looking for the “forever home”, whatever the heck that means. And I get it. Some people are just unintelligent and chasing things they want to afford and it blinds them to things like consideration, kindness, decency, etc. And I feel sorry for her. She must be very sad and unfulfilled to have to have more than those around her and let them know that. She needs Jesus. So I have determined to pray for her. And perhaps the next convenient play date I can have her over for tea and share the joy and peace of Jesus with her.

Every snub is an opportunity to love on someone who absolutely needs it. It is not personal but spiritual with them every time. Praise God!❤

Just a Reminder About Grass

Just a friendly reminder: Grass is never greener on the other side/someone else’s yard unless it’s the weeds you are noticing. Weeds can look pretty green, even have pretty little flowers on them, and there may be playground equipment on it that looks mighty fun. But alas, upon closer inspection, weeds, only rotten weeds, and the playground is broken down, only looks fun, no substance. Nope, take care of your own grass, tend it, fertilize it, own it. When it finally dies, pave it and paint it green. Memorize this: “Not my circus, not my monkeys.” ❤

What Do You Do If You Can’t Trust Someone?

If you can’t trust someone, I have a foolproof method of maintaining a relationship with this person. Pull up a chair and lean in, this is really good, based on my extensive life experience…


You trust God instead of them. God is trustworthy and no other person I have met (with a very few exceptional cases) is trustworthy. Just trust God. Put your trust only in Him.

Let me expand a bit. Go in with eyes wide open with this person. Do not trust them. Continue not to, people do not change unless they allow God to change them. Let trust in them die, do not maintain unrealistic expectations of them, know they are untrustworthy and do not be hurt or surprised or take it personally. They cannot help it, they have a sin sickness. They are in a human body on a sinful planet, right? Well… what do you expect? Unless people choose to be humble and allow God to rule their decision making, they are going to lie, sin, screw up. Heck, the same is true for me and even you. Just how it is. People have to humbly align their will under God’s to start looking as trustworthy as God is. And even then, one wrong move and bam.

So the key to getting along with people is realizing that everyone is a sin – possible person and is inherently untrustworthy. You accept that and put your trust, faith and security in God who cannot help but be trustworthy and happens to love you and also, ya know, rules everything because He made everything. That God of the Universe, your Heavenly Father, our hope, peace, joy, love, etc. Trust God. He cannot and will not let you down. And there it is. You are welcome.😄❤