Wrestling Tides

A futile endeavor is the wrestling of tides.

I gain the upper hand just to lose it again.

It pushes and pulls me and draws me deep.

This is life with its ebbs and flows.

This is romance with its comes and goes.

And it exhausts and you arrive on the beach

Drained of energy, soaked through with stress sweat.

And I watch this in others, remembering the game once played,

Thr wrestling of tides I once did too,

Now so glad God granted me favor and closeness with Him

So now I am above the waters, looking on.

I am no longer in the water, now in the heavenlies.

I rise above the tide and wrestle it no more.

Why more do not decide this, I know not,

But I am grateful for the renewed energy.

I thank God.❤

Wrestling With Memories

Memories are the best things in life to hang on to when things get tough, putting a warm smile or jovial laugh on your lips to feel better about life. Or. Memories can claw your eyes out. Because our brains can not choose to store good memories only, they store everything. And if your life has been champagne wishes and caviar dreams and only amazingly happy and healthy, why, that is a wonder. For most of us in the real world, a different reality has been chosen by us making some pretty goofy or scandalous bad decisions. So on death days (when friends or family members die or people walk unexpectedly out of our lives), those bad me ories tend to rise up and try to steal our joy and kill our peace. They wrestle with us. They are tools of an enemy seeking to destroy us. However, when God is asked in, those bad memories’ power is deeply undermined by the superior Wrestler of all time. God can pull out the good memories and put them on the forefront of our minds. We usually are not so objective when so wounded. We need help. And if not strong enough at that moment, sometimes our friends hug and help us, pointing us to God and sometimes interceding for us. So, taking a lot of pictures of good times and glancing back at them is amazing for visual props. Some of us are so visual and need that. Some memories are still so vivid in our mind that we just need to focus and relax to recall them. But focusing on good stuff is a great tool. The other is worship.

Mental Wresting

Most of the epic battles we fight consistently occur in our minds. Why? Because the enemy knows the power of this brain muscle God made for us. If the enemy defeats our thinking and wins there, he can then control what we do or don’t do and can destroy us in any way he can. As the mind goes, so goes the person. We think before we act or refrain from acting. It can be a very good thing. A very good thing. We have compassion and help someone. We realize a job needs to be done and we do it. However, if we allow the enemy any foothold at all, especially an in surrendered stronghold, he will use that leverage to really dig in and subtly wrestle his way in to our minds. How do we protect against such an attack? First, we surrender any strongholds to God and give up what we might want to do that is outside of His design or parameters of obedience. We do this because God blesses us if we do and we are made stronger and have peace and joy in doing so. Next, we put on the full armor of God, righteous living, Bible study and prayer, the fruits of the Spirit and His power in us, and the good news and acceptance of salvation. All this talk of invisible enemies may seem crazy but it is more real than our own perception. And there is no doubt you have found yourself wrestling with something in your mind. That is very real. Our fight is never against flesh and blood but against the rulers and principalities of this world’s darkness, which all happen to be liars and deceivers wanting to destroy us. The good news, though, is that they are really dead and know it. Their defeat has happened when Jesus Christ our Messiah came down as a little baby and grew to be a perfect man/God and died and rose from the dead for us. Because of that one action of love, our enemies already are defeated and know it full well. They aren’t fighting for your pleasure, they want you destroyed like them and take as many to hell with them as possible. So, as we understand their defeatedness, we can stand strong against all the foes against us claiming and knowing the victory is God’s and we are His. Yay!! So, when you wrestle the forces that would try to cause you harm and destruction, just quote the Bible/truth and tell them to move out and hit the road with their defeated pathetic self and make yourself a nice cup of tea. 🙂