Ladies Missionary Meeting

Twice a year, I am a part of a ladies Missionary meeting. We meet and pray and discuss missions and projects geared toward winning souls for the kingdom of God and we pray again and encourage. It is a blessed time. And there is no prayer unanswered nd no goal unmet. We pray throughout the year, as specifically as we can, and pray together and God honors our faithfulness, faith in Him and prayers. He listens. He is there with us. He answers. It is a time of great encouragement and in a room where most heads are gray from the continuance of time and maturity and rich experiences, there is immense power there. God blesses and is present in a tangible way in power and gentleness. He inhabits the praise of His people. He is there. I want you to know this. And we are humbly and powerfully praying for all who are lost and the church to snap to and act right and be who God designed us to be. So, God will answer these prayers and change will be upon us and answers will be carried out. Best to be on God’s side. Nothing else will matter in the end, or very soon at the rate it is going. Time to clean house. Know that we are humbly praying and that is so very tangibly powerful.ā¤

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