Implantable Chip

I just saw a very scary new technology demonstration about an implantable microchip that apparently some people already have implanted. This is the mark of the beast. They are selling it on safety and health and convenience. It is lies and a form of control. Do not take this chip. No matter the cost, do not have this implanted. Revelations has very bad things to say about it. Just a warning. The enemy is tricky and lies constantly. Say no to the chip and write our authorities and governmental representatives that we do not want this chip in America. Not my normal post but I was just made aware of it and object profoundly and must share it.


I Used to Like Football

I remember back when people supported America and football was a good game to watch. I remember when people were Christian Americans first and football players after that. I remember when they were played a lot of American dollars to play football. It sure would be a shame if America stopped making them dollar bills out of protest.

Pessimism vs Optimism

For every good thing or situation is a bad thing (because evil wants to destroy good). And for every evil thing or situation is a good thing (because God is a generous with grace and blessings). Every single thing that happens has an element of good and evil because earth is a battleground between good and evil. It is that simple. The free will and choice comes when we can decide for ourselves which to embrace. And do not be deceived, you are always choosing between the two. There is good and evil. So along with that choice is our own decisions. Whether to embrace good or evil and then whether to focus on good or evil. Many a pastor have said there is no such thing as a pessimistic Christian. I believe that. When we choose God, the good, we choose goodness and focus on the good side of things, positive things that are mixed in, lessons, blessings, truth of who God is despite the curcumstance. We don’t suddenly forget there is bad there or ignore everything uncomfortable in our lives like pampered pets, but we choose to focus on God’s goodness and remain in worship through the storms. Optimism is a choice. I choose to bade optimistic. And nowadays, it is more and more rare to find so is more light n in the darkness than ever. Be a light with me! ❤

Hope from God

Ugly is everywhere, irrational evil and primitive primal evil practices and demoralizing of people and demeaning of people is prevailing many of our countries around the world and even shockingly in some states in our country. Many cults are filled and run by evil puppets on evil strings, all ignorant but greedy and lustful and all working for God’s enemy to destroy as many as Satan can in the short time he has left to do anything. Satan is like an opossum backed into a corner by a guard dog, knowing it is going to die but going to inflict as much damage as possible on his way out. And this is our world right now. Jesus is Coming back soon, and the sooner the final day is, the more damage evil will do if allowed. Do not try to reason with evil. Evil cannot be reasoned with because it only wants you dead after hurting you as much as possible. Nothing else interests it. Do not reason. Defend yourself and stand on the hope we have. Pray. Fast. Pray and fast. Those of us who have hope in God have eternal life waiting for us b in paradise with God. Only those who are saved by accepting Jesus’ free gift of salvation are guaranteed a happily ever after and have this hope. One we have it, God, the Winner of all wars, fights for us and we gave nothing to fear. God is everything! I have hope in God. Do you? It is as easy as a prayer with a humble heart and then start reading your Bible from God and pray. Then welcome to His peace and joy and love and all good things. Such beautiful hope!!!

The Cure for Crazy

Venturing out into the realm of the semi-sane, I reminisce with about a milliion thoughts at once, some good, some not, some neutral to carry the burden of the flesh making sense of the spirit realm. I find myself in this place of unsorted logic and well sorted fantasy and I pause. I have once again ventured too far in, to far down the rabbit’s hole into the bizarre netherreaches of quasi-logic. I pause. Here before all of us is an as yet unparalleled mix of distractions and foolishness clouding the sight of the physical so the spirit is camaflouged during a time it would behoove us to truly focus on that which is spirit and is the cause of the terror, the evil, the darkness, the distractions, the confusion, the foolishness. All things happening are warning the spirit to wake up not chasing the body toward its distractedness. The opposite reaction is occurring. And the crazy is evident, the irrationality is vast, the denial is abundant and the lies are ubiquitous. There is an amazement at those who can keep calm amidst the chaos and our lights shine so brightly within us who know these secret things and rest secure despite it all in our precious Savior Jesus Christ. God gives us the choice to know the truth and embrace it and find rest in Him OR hit the crazy fantasy searchers who need distraction to feel safe and not fear. Fantasy, escape from realities, make people feel secure, better, even happy for a moment, euphoric for a little bit but peace does not find anyone where God’s Spirit is not. It can’t. They are connected, related, relevant, necessary.You can not have one without the other. You can’t, not permanently. The only way to counter crazy is to promote peace and love and faith and hope and light and truth. And those things only come from God. You can’t fight a sword with a banana. You need the right tools. If you are tired of crazy and uncertainty, man up with some Holy Spirit. You can find Him by praying to God the Father and reading His Word the Bible. It is just that simple. And simple is what is needed. Simple and distractionless. So here is our hope, personally and for our country and world. It is truly that simple.

Understanding Evil Terror

Aside from my normal silly self, the amount of evil and terrorism around us all over the world is very real and I wish to comment on this question I have heard from so many trying to understand how people could do such things, as if people who have done far worse never existed. I wish to share my little insights on this serious topic and will get back to my silly self next blog. This is such a horrible thing but so very true that the absolute only way to understand evil and terror and the mindset of evil people and terrorists is to understand love and God and beauty and completely turn it on its head. It is the wrong focus. It is the wrong question. It is impossible because it is so foreign to normal innate thinking. We are made by God and as such have a mindset internally of right and wrong and beauty and love and caretaking. Evil and terror are the opposite so we can not comprehend that line of thinking that only comes through many years of lies built upon lies and brainwashing and berating and abuse and so forth. For us to understand we would have to be evil. So we do things like try to find out what went wrong or what would happen to cause someone to be evil. What painful experience in their past, what words hurt them, what lies did they believe, how were they brainwashed. And that again is a futile exercise that provides no closure, no truth, no understanding. The plain, simple fact is that evil people choose to be evil. Terrorists choose to be terrorists. There is always a choice, no matter what lies were planted, no matter what brainwashing was done, even from infancy. Truth be told, there is always a barrier of choice we have to overcome to perform an evil act. It is always and forever the person’s choice. They may be pressured and deceived, but it is still their choice. Everyone has a choice. Of course, you sometimes pay for the choices you make, if not now, then in the future. And the biggest payment for such a choice is living with that choice. Living with our choices create within us a pattern of thoughts, a basis upon which we judge ourselves and are judged on that day ahead. So to condone a choice and live with a clear conscious, we must live within the moral code ingrained in us. To be ashamed of a choice and live with turmoil, we work in opposition to that moral code. Evil is the opposite of God/good/love/truth. Everything good and pure and honest and joyful and peaceful is the opposite of evil. To understand what evil truly is, you have to be closely acquainted with the best of the best, God. The closer you are to understanding this magnificent Supreme Being, the closer you are to understanding that evil is everything that He is not. There is the right focus. Focus on the One who saves not the one who destroys. Focus on the One who rules rather than the one who wanted to but was defeated for trying to. Then you will understand that there is a war for our souls and a decision for us to make. Each makes this decision for themselves. And more importantly, each is accountable for this decision. I choose the winning side, the God who made everything we know that is good. I choose love.

Love Conquers Conquerers

Love is the most powerful force in the world because God is love. And those who conquer for their own purposes do not realize they may have gained some small ground or even vast properties and successes for the moment but these evil people are walking dead. They are corpses walking around as if they will live forever in the riches they have set up for themselves. They are short sighted. They are fools. This world is a short stay stop on the way to forever, to eternity where we will live somewhere that has nothing to do with this current wealth and if life is lived God’s way, the place we will live holds riches that put this world to shame with a purity we have not seen since creation’s first day. So do not fear conquerers, evil people who bark death and smell of hatred. These people are already dead, do not fear them. Who to fear is God who controls your future eternal destination. That is where we need to focus. We need to focus on God, on Love, for God is Love. Cling to love, to this formidible force worth pursuing, stay far from the distractions meant to coerse us into foolishness- dead love to produce more dead. But life is much more powerful. Life is found in God and Love. This must be our focus. Evil will increase, we are seeing it everywhere, but we need not fear it. Love is much more powerful, and all who call on the name of God for help will receive help and those who accept salvation from God’s Son Jesus Christ, will be with Him in glory forever and all this is but a passing thought in the scope of eternity. Be encouraged and feel God’s Love deeply and richly and flourish in its glow. This is our hope.