God is in Control

Evil leaders may think they are in control. Billionaires may think they are in control. Popular people/celebrities/sports stars may think they are in control. Bullies may think they are in control. You name it. Give someone some power or money or fear and they think they have some kind of control. They plot evil, they promote agendas, they serve only themselves, they make themselves out to be God’s in flesh gracing us with their presence, expecting us to fear them, worship them, bow down to them. 

Truth: they are mistaken. God, the Holy One of Israel and Heavenly Father of true Christians everywhere is in control. He is King of kings and Lord of lords. God is the only opinion which truly matters and His truth is the only truth. God is still in control. Never be deceived. And those who are humbly His and who remain close and in prayer and Bible reading will be with Him someday sooner than it was yesterday. God is in control. Not only that, but He loves you passionately. Not lustfully but passionately, like enough to send His Son the die and resurrect for our purification from the filthy sins surrounding us or that were Inc us before salvation. So rest assured that God is in control, He lives you, His Word is truth and we will be with Him when He chooses. Stay close to Him and pray and read your Bible and do not worry or fear. God is in charge of all He has made. (Except your free will, that is on you, Heh gave you the right to choose life or death for eternity- choose wisely.) Never fear. Ever. ❤


God Is In Control

We can rest assure that God is in control of the universe and it’s going ons. Nothing is out of the scope of His attention and nothing can escape His notice. That is terrifying to those against Him, but so reassuring to those of us who love Him and are under His protection. His truth and His Word prevails every battle, every war and noone is capable of winning against Him. He is large and in charge. And He is my Heavenly Father by adoption and design because I chose to be saved and humble myself under His leadership. And anyone can. And everyone should. He wants everyone saved. He made each and every person on purpose and with special gifts and in love. And no matter what you have said or done, He still wants you and me and forgives so generously with grace and even helps you stop doing bad things. It is the most beautiful story of redemption and power and love I know of. ❤❤❤

On Control

The only thing you can control on this planet is yourself, and sometimes that is sketchy. When you try to control someone else or work really hard to control the situation to go your way, you make the other person miserable, make yourself crazy (because you cannot push a rope without going crazy trying), and you kill any respect and trust that would be there if you weren’t so busy with futility. Control is something best left to the Professional (and by that I mean God) who knows what is best all the time for everyone and who loves everyone. When we try to take His job as controller away, we suck at it, we screw up everything, we alienate everyone eventually. If you can keep yourself in check, you are doing something really special, something rarely done now. So if control is your aim in life and relationships, just stick with yourself. Try that first. See how it goes. It just may be all you can handle at one time. It sure is all I can ever try to handle at one time. I used to think if I had control of a situation, I could help everyone involved because I knew what they needed and thought I could better get it for them. I thought I could care enough and mean well enough to iron out the details as I went. And once in a while it worked and I could help people I loved. But looking back, I realize it was God’s will to help them so had everything to do with His power and will and not mine. More often than not, I ended up screwing things up, like Emma in Jane Austen’s book Emma. So I realize that no matter how much I think I can help, it is God who knows best what that needs to look like to be successful. If we let God be God, things get done. So, I leave control to Him and will work on this little girl here (namely me) when I need to control something. Feels like the right thing to do.

Attention to Beauty

The world around us is at an all time dark. But. I can choose to attend to and commit to the Light. I have a choice. I can be depressed or begrudged in the darkness or gravitate to and cling to the Light. That is my choice. It is the only control I have in the universe. I can control my focus. I gave my son a bit book of optical illusions recently. He is more excited and interested in it than his video games! But it shows page after page of different tricks our eyes can play on us and more importantly how the scene often changes depending on the viewpoint and focus. Life is like that. Focus on a problem and you have a really big problem. Focus on the solution or even something else that excites the eye and you have minimized the problem to a workable size. Focus on the Light and darkness cannot win. Focus on love and peace and joy and faith and what on this earth can be stronger? Absolutely nothing. Yes, evil is rampant. Focus on Good is the answer. One other point, you follow what you focus on. Driving is an example. You focus on the trees you pass and before long you have a good chance of being found later among them. Focus has to be where you are headed, you fix your eyes on the road ahead and your chances are much greater that you will get there. Choose your focus wisely and purposely and you will traverse the darkened path much more successfully. Focus on God and you cannot go wrong.

The Giving Up

We are a bombarded people, almost like someone or something is intentionally trying to distract or destroy us. Hmmm. For example,unexpected bills or expenses come out of nowhere, someone is suddenly sick, car breaks down, friends say cruel things to you, people in the church hurt you, spouses make bad decisions that affect you, kids have problems, someone is always pressuring you to buy, sexually alluring commercials for any stupid thing to sell attack you, etc. So, my solution to this phenomenon that I am finally (in all my slowness) realizing and putting together, is to give up. In fact, I am working very hard lately to give up every single day, morning even and keep giving up. I am actively giving up. I saw a movie lately that helps with this. It is called “The Story of Pi”. The more we give up, the less the struggle. By “give up”, I do not mean quit life, commit suicide (an incredibly selfish and narcissistic and eternally dangerous thing to do), or go with the bad. I mean by ” give up” that I realize I am just a little girl, unable to control or prevent anything but my own choices and need to leave everything else to the One who is powerful enough to handle everything and everyone else. So, I am giving everything up to God. I do what I can, read, pray, study the Bible, talk to those who I can about the Lord, try to limit distractions in our life, be a good wife and mother, be a good person and friend, and that’s it. The rest is God’s. I give it up to Him. The more I do this, the more I understand that was the original design. We are just supposed to do what we were given to do and just rest in Him. This brings peace, joy, security, faith, hope, love, everything good. It is a victorious sort of thing. Peace is a great victory.

The Scarcity of Peace

One of the few places I still find peace is in worship. I still have peace when I am lifting up and focusing on the Lord. There are not too many other places in this world peace can be found. It is rare. It is a treasure. And peace is not the absence of turmoil. Peace is the calm and assurance in the midst of anything at all. Where does this calm and assurance come from? God. That is it. To gain calm and assurance in any and all circumstances, we must rely on the only One who is greater than these things. God is still in control and is certainly greater than anything we are going through or will go through. He is bigger and He is peace. We journey on through less than calm environments not because we are being punished but because we are being prepared. And the peace is there whenever we allow God to have His rightful place in our selves- the head. Christ is the head of the church and we are the church. Where He is the head, we are everything else and peace reigns. God brings clarity and peace. Everything else brings confusion and chaos. It is just that simple. The more we let go of control, the more God controls and He always does a better job. He is peace because He is unmovable. Who can intimidate God?

Ugliness is a Choice

We can not (without surgery) alter what we look like but we can sure control how ugly we are. When there is an ugly pride within us, we can release it in favor of humble obedience to God. When there is an ugly unforgiveness welling up in us, we can choose to forgive. When there is an ugly impatience in us, we can choose to wait patiently and see the best in things. When there is an ugly envy welling up, we can defeat it with appreciation for what we have. All of this we can do on our own on good days or with God’s help on bad days. There are magnificent people who are unattractive and those who are attractive, but the attractiveness of the best of them physically takes no time at all to wear thin when the ugliness rears its ugly little head. You couldn’t pay me enough to stay in a room with ugly beautiful people. The Bible calls the skeletons with a beautiful skin covering. Give me a person that is beautiful on the inside any day, and nothing else matters. God is who allows the willing and humble heart to be beautiful and on these magnificent people, His love and favor dwells. The heart is where its at. Control the ugly and God will bring out the beautiful inside out.