Sitting in ER

Here I sit in ER with my son who has apparently broken his ankle during a soccer game. His season appears to have come to an end at least this season.

Sometimes life twists and turns. Actually, it rarely delicately and merrily skips forward, usually twists and turns happen. It is to remind us we are not in charge nor is life all about us. This is a good lesson. We should be grateful for the reminder, even if it is a painful reminder.😃❤️

Fortune Cookie

I do not believe in luck or fate or destiny or fortunes at all. There is where I am coming from. Everything is part of God’s plan- overtly or inadvertently (everyone having free will). I believe this with all my heart. And I live and trust the Lord all the more for it.

I got a “fortune cookie” after a meal at a Chinese restaurant. It said this, “The greatest goodness is a peaceful mind.” I thought, well, yeah. And for me, knowing that God is in charge is how I can have a peaceful mind. And that is great goodness.😄❤

The Loss of Control

Very little in this life leaves you less secure than the feeling of lost control. When we feel the crazy world around us is slippery and out of balance and we can do little about it, it is easy to despair or worry or shut down or fight back, depending on your personality. And what I really love most about God my loving Savior is that He is the opposite of the world and evil and chaos. And being humble and accepting the lack of control and giving God, trusting Him, with controlling everything and taking care of it brings peace. Losing control in the world produces anxiety and hopelessness. Giving control to God produces peace and joy and hope amidst anything. Oh how beautiful is God! I take humble with Him any day of the week and look forward to seeing Him work through this humble little girl. How beautiful is our God!❤❤❤

Changes on the Horizon

Only God knows what will happen, but I know that changes are on the horizon. I also know that God is ultimately in charge of the final events and everything else.

One change I know is that my mom will be moving into a wheelchair accessible apartment on or before a year and a half, depending on the waiting list. As soon as it is available, we will move her in and out of her manufactured home. This means several things… this will be a lot of extra work for all of us and her included in deciding how to pare down. And she will n have access to their piano but not at all hours as before, life will change. Once wheelchair bound, which is a matter of time, she will need special transportation for everything or me to shop for her. Also, my kids and I will no longer have access to her clubhouse to swim and play pool. In addition, I have to gradually prepare her current home for resale as she will need that money to live there. So, life will be quite different for all of us.

Again, only God knows how it will all play out. And who knows, maybe God will take us all Home first. No one knows but God. And I put it all in His capable hands. I am not worried. I am not concerned. I trust God. ❤