Christmas Blessing

The preparations are ready. More chocolate than should be consumed in one day will be consumed in one day. Jesus’ birthday cake is ready and iced. Cornish game hens are marinating. Presents are wrapped and ready for excited hands. Hustle and bustle are over until the morning. I sit alone in my bedroom and there is a hush, a calm, a peace, a joy. And it washes over me that Jesus’ birthday celebration is deeper than thanking Him for His birth but worshipping Him and thanking Him for what came after. Jesus was born on purpose as we all are, but His purpose was far greater than ours… saving the world. My Hero. Your Hero. And tomorrow I get to celebrate my Hero, Jesus. And here is my present for you…

I bless you in Jesus’ name, that you will know Him closer and deeper this year. May tomorrow be joyful and peaceful and richly meaningful and with Jesus in it right with you. May your heart be lifted to His kiss. ❤🎁🎄

The Christmas Rebel

So, my daughter and I roamed around Disney Springs today before picking up my son from his dad’s. And we road the boat taxis and played Legos and had a grand time, just us two. And we felt like such free American rebels, as we were raised, and rebelled against the pc police and wished everyone we saw a “Merry Christmas”. These were tourists from all over the world, all kinds of religions. And we bravely said “Merry Christmas” with a rebellious but joyous heart, standing for Jesus and just enjoying life and freedom. And a funny thing happened. You would not believe it. Not one single person had an objection. Not one scowled back or looked violated at my mention of the “Christmas” word. It was as if that media narrative is false or something. Not a single person of the hundred or so we wished it to objected in the least. On the contrart, it opened up conversations and happy greetings, like we were all people God made or something. So never be afraid to say “Merry Christmas”. Do not be ashamed or shy that we are celebrating the birth of our Savior. It will only bring joy. And that’s all I have to say about that. Merry Christmas!!! God bless you!! 😄❤🎁🎄

Christmas Music

More than any other joy-enriching exercise is music. I am listening now to A Clampton Christmas and feel joy in me grow. It makes me happy he is still good at and doing the music he loves. I love also the classics. No one on the planet could do White Christmas better than the dreamy rich Bing Crosby. So many classics of Christmas makes me so happy but moreso was our church singing Christmas hymns of old together, all worshipping our Jesus, whose birth is the reason Christmas is joyful and worth the celebration. So, listen to some good Jesus celebrating music today and tomorrow and have a joyful, very merry and blessed Christmas celebration, the best birthday party ever!!! I love you and more importantly, so does Jesus!!! XOXO😄❤🎁🎄

Happy Christmas!!

I don’t have y’all’s address for a Christmas card, so consider this my sincere hope to you for a very Blessed and Joyful Christmas celebration this year!! From our family to yours, most sincere Christmas blessings and may Jesus’ birthday be memorable and peaceful for you this year. Much love to you!😄❤🎁🎄