Christmas Blessing

The preparations are ready. More chocolate than should be consumed in one day will be consumed in one day. Jesus’ birthday cake is ready and iced. Cornish game hens are marinating. Presents are wrapped and ready for excited hands. Hustle and bustle are over until the morning. I sit alone in my bedroom and there is a hush, a calm, a peace, a joy. And it washes over me that Jesus’ birthday celebration is deeper than thanking Him for His birth but worshipping Him and thanking Him for what came after. Jesus was born on purpose as we all are, but His purpose was far greater than ours… saving the world. My Hero. Your Hero. And tomorrow I get to celebrate my Hero, Jesus. And here is my present for you…

I bless you in Jesus’ name, that you will know Him closer and deeper this year. May tomorrow be joyful and peaceful and richly meaningful and with Jesus in it right with you. May your heart be lifted to His kiss. ❤🎁🎄

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