Thanksgiving Theme Songs

Thank You, Lord:

It Wouldn’t Be Enough:

Jesus, We Just Want to Thank You:

Our best focus is in gratitude for Jesus Christ who saves us from our sins. Biggest blessing of our lives!😄❤

Thanksgiving Blessing

May you always see the bountiful blessings God gives you and may You rejoice in them to the extent of being filled with gratefulness continuously! 😄 ❤

Walking in Gratitude Year Round

I love Thanksgiving! It is a beautiful reminder of all God’s blessings while enjoy time with those you are most thankful for… family. It is very wonderful that everybody celebrates family together, it is really a beautiful unifier. And God is always honored when we are truly thankful.

We walk in gratitude all the time as we stay in close relationship with God. The less distracted by everything else and the more focused we are on Christ, the more we see His work and gifts and blessings all through the day. We then have that gratitude that seems to always accompany peace and joy. And that is the true essence and evidence of a life lived closely to God. And it is beautiful!😄❤

Thankful For Our New Grandson

What a beautiful day to get to spend with our rarely seen grandkids, and baby boy included. We haven’t seen him since he was born, despite efforts on our part. What a treat to hold him and care for him today. So beautiful is this precious life. We are so very thankful!! Thank you, God, for this day!!😄❤

Our Forebears

We do not contemplate our ancestors enough. They had to have had a certain endurance for us to be here. They had to love each other and care about family enough to procreate. They had to be healthy enough, strong enough, really tough. They had to care. They protected their land, fought oppression and tyranny, they lived and thrived enough to provide for a family that could provide for a family and so on until we came on the scene. They had faith they wanted to pass down. They had principles they stuck to. They had guns to protect their investment. They had land they worked. Our Forebears rocked. They were incredible and their endurance runs through our veins. And I am grateful for and to them and to God for providing what they needed so we would be here now and I could be raising my own children here now. Thank you, foreparents. Thank you, God.❤

Thanksgiving Traditions

It is our tradition to eat out on Thanksgiving day. Then, when it is deeply on sale the next day or two, we buy a turkey and ham and ribs this year and cook them up to last and while. This year, we smoked them and wow, so glad we did. We have plenty! Enjoy!❤