Discussion on Gifts versus No Gifts

I am not talking about presents, so sorry to disappoint those looking for ettiquette on when to purchase the white towels versus a vase of flowers, etc. for different occasions. There arose of late a deep discussion on whether people are really gifted at all or not gifted. It was an unheated but passionate discussion with a teenager who may or may not believe in God but who believes people are not really given gifts from Him, they just like something and practice it to become better. So, I played a scale on the piano (one of my alleged gifts) in a cold straight way. And I said, anyone can do this who likes to play the piano and practices. But were I to ask someone without a gift for music to play the same exact scale conveying happiness or sadness or ambition or hope, chances are this practiced person would look at me confused and play it exactly the same way. However, someone with a gift for music would not hesitate to express those exact things using those same notes. Unbelieving me, I did it. I made that simple C scale be whatever emotion I stated. You see, when you see a gift of God, some particular ability that may not be exclusively given to you but is definitely unique among many, it can only be described as a gift from someone able to do more than most people are able to do. And God of course is the creator of life and giver of gifts. Someone who does not possess advanced knowledge cannot give to someone what they do not have. In an easier manner, I can’t give you a pizza unless I can make pizza first. So, gifts, special abilities that seem to amaze people in that particular area of giftedness, are from God. And here is the rub, He gives us these gifts for a reason. The reason is to help people and worship Him with it. He gives diverse gifts because when everyone uses their gifts, collectively everything we need is provided. It is a big picture perspective that explains everything. All these detailed gifts are for the collective and ultimately for God who made them all. It is beautiful to be a part of such a cohesive unit, a purpose we can all believe in and be for. If you contemplate this for a bit, you will find a new passion for your gifting. It is beautiful to consider!

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